The Sweater Saver…and saying goodbye to La Liz
March 23, 2011

So little, yet so effective...Pills no more!

Ok, I really don’t know how I lived this long without my new cashmere comb. If you wear sweaters, and who doesn’t….whether it’s plain old wood or soft as a cloud cashmere or acrylic…sweaters get pilly(evidently they call the pills “bobbles” in the UK…those Brits). You know what I’m talking about, the little balls that wad up in places(especially under the arms) and make even the nicest sweater look like crap. No more.

The problem.....

I’ve tried a number of techniques over the years to get rid of the pills/bobbles…pulling them off by hand(effective but time comsuming), brushing the sweater with a hairbrush(it’s true, I’ve done it…it works a little at smoothing them out, but temporary), and I’ve heard you can shave a sweater with a regular razor, which I’ve never tried, but that just sounds dangerous….to me and the sweater.

I got all this off my grey sweater yesterday!

So when I saw the Cashmere Comb on the Pure Collection website-here-I ordered two…one for me and one for my daughter, who no doubt has the same “wow that sweater looks terrible”  issues. And guess what. It works like a charm…and the darn thing is only $6.50! Now I wish I had gotten an extra one to keep here at work, as everyone at WBAL could use it too. Yesterday Lisa Robinson stopped by my desk as I was…well, combing my sweater…and said she has a sweater she was considering getting rid of, because the pill problem was so bad. Keep that sweater, sister….I have the cure, and it’s cheap.

La Liz, in The Little Foxes in NYC....

And I can’t go without saying a word about Elizabeth Taylor, who died today the age of 79. She was just so heartbreakingly beautiful, and while her personal life was without doubt topsy-tervy…perhaps that’s the way with someone that beautiful and famous. And she was a darn good actress…and an amazing activist.  I saw her onstage in New York in 1981, at the Martin Beck Theatre in Little Foxes. Totally in awe of seeing La Liz, in the flesh, walking and talking…was mesmerizing for me, and she won a Tony for her performance. We’ll miss you Liz, and the world is less colorful without you.