Earth Hour….It’s show time, baby!
March 26, 2010

It's almost time to turn out the lights!!!!

OK, if you didn’t know…and honestly I haven’t heard much about it this year either…Saturday March 27th, tomorrow btw…is Earth Hour. Uh-huh, that’s right…if you want to see why many of us choose to take part and more people do each year….watch this…. 

And here’s the great thing…all you have to do is turn out your lights that night for one lousy hour…from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. Who can’t do that? Why should you is another question…but it will happen all over the world to bring attention to climate change. The Earth Hour movement began in Sydney, Australia in 2007….the next year 400 cities took part…and in 2009, 4000 cities and millions of people voted with their light switches. I joined the Earth Hour movement, about which you can find out more, on this link. The Eiffel Tower will go dark, as will the Sydney Opera House and the Pyramids in Egypt and the Domino Sugar Sign in B-town….also here in Maryland, Baltimore City Hall and 6 other public buildings will hit the off switch, as will the State House and Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis. Care to join in? 

The countdown is on...just reach for the light switch...

 I will break out the candles tomorrow evening( not hard for me as I do that pretty often anyway), but what I don’t do often  is turn out all the lights.  I hereby  grant dispensation to all of you who need to/want to/have to  watch the big March Madness game tomorrow night, I get it….just turn off the lights.  Explain to your kids why you’re doing it…’ll set a good example and save a little moolah in the process…a win-win! 

Join Jamie's revolution!

Update: I forgot to add that a terrific show comes on tonight from which many many many Americans could benefit….Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution at 9 on ABC. It’s all about relearning how to eat in this country…real honest genuine food, that is cooked at home, not heated in a microwave, and that doesn’t have tons of  additives and salt and fat. The cooking that most of grew up on, and need to go back to. Jamie says, and it is true…we are killing our children whom we supposedly love, feeding them crap. Watch the show…it will inspire you to get reacquainted with your stove and pots and pans, and change your thinking about food. I love his recipes.  Ok, over and out…have a great weekend, and come home safe..and play nice!


Wow, it’s Monday!!
March 31, 2008

Yeah, it’s Monday, and it’s still cold…ok, chilly, and dreary outside. Where are you spring? I told you there were several things I wanted to do this weekend….some I did, others I didn’t get to, and some other things crossed my path that I hadn’t counted on.

I did get to a movie(check )….saw 21 downtown at the Harborview theatres. I give it a solid B-. Kevin Spacey was sleepwalking though a role that in his defense, didn’t call for much more. Still, a pleasant enough flick…but if you really want to see something actually interesting, Netflix the documentary Helvetica. (Check 2-) Fascinating look at one of the most common typefaces seen on signs everywhere, how it came to be, and what it has to do with global design. I love Helvetica, though I didn’t realize it until I saw the film….I wish this blog was in Helvetica type casting its secret spell but….can’t have everything, I guess.

candlesDid observe Earth Hour Saturday night…turned off all the electric except for “essentials”…for me that was the tv and the oven…one does need food and entertainment after all. And basketball was on! I noticed neighbors who were perhaps unaware of earth hour….every light in their house was blazing. It was fun since I’m a candle freak anyway, but kinda hard to cook to candlelight. Is the lamb rare or raw?

Did get to the new Catonsville Gourmet Friday night (check 3-)…the place was seriously packed.  We shared a whole rockfish, which was pan-fried, presented whole upright as though swimming, with a cilantro basil sauce that was just fabulous. cakeAnd took home a piece of Smith Island Cake, which I’ve never had before though I’ve read a lot about it. Wow, that it is an unbelieveably good cake, with about a thousand layers, chocolate and peanut butter…again, big enough to share. And I believe I have spoken before of my love of B.Y.O.B….Catonsville Gourmet is that, though some diners did not know that when they arrived…no matter, there is a nice wine store across the street.

And I cleaned out a closet this weekend!!  I know, how dull is that? But those of you who understand the dismay and unease that comes from a cluttered closet can apppreciate the feeling of order that comes from a newly organized linen closet. I had no idea how many tablecloths I had (that I never use, sorry to say), and my gift wrapping supplies are now in order. And somewhere along the way I bought birthday blowers and Big Red Dog birthday hats and stuck them in the closet, never too be seen again, until Saturday. Who were they for? I have no idea. I felt like an archeologist, slowly digging into the layers of living habits of a people long forgotten, only the people is me.

blackleP.S. As a nod to Earth hour, I have discovered Blackle, compliments of my daughter. I had NEVER heard of it, and it is simply put, a dark google search page which uses lots less energy because the page is mostly black. How about that??