February 5, 2009

She wont need those Jimmy Choos anymore...

She won't need those Jimmy Choo's anymore...

Ever heard of a fabulation? Me either…..but a fabulation is a fable that reveals some moral truth…that “chronicles a journey in which the expected is expected”. And Fabulation, or the Re-education of Undine, now playing at Center Stage, is journey that many Americans are already on themselves, one they did not foresee. I doubt author Lynn Nottage could have foreseen the meltdown of the economy when this play was commissioned in 2003, and the much traveled road of downward mobility that many are experiencing today when she wrote Fabulation, but wow, does it hit the mark in 2009.

Undine is a strong, extremely successful African American woman who has disowned her lower working class family from Brooklyn…changed her name, hasn’t seen them in years, and doesn’t want to. It is only a fall from grace and her big bank account that puts her on a path where she has no other choice but than return to them. Funny, profane (I hope the f-bomb doesn’t bother you), and with a fabulous cast and staging….you really get your money’s worth  from this play. Great and inventive staging….I just loved it…and watch for actress Lizan Mitchell who plays the a junkie Grandma and an inmate in jail….hilarious…and touching. She has the sad little spidery movements of someone elderly, nailed.

Tickets start at $15….weeknights anyway, and while that is more than a movie….it is money well spent.

And if you’re looking for an inexpensive, good place to grab a bite to eat beforehand…well, home is cheapest, but if you’re going out….you can try Iggie’s Pizza, just up Calvert Street. My favorite pizza  is the Alice…pesto, goat cheese and fresh tomatoes…omigod it’s soooo good. They have a great spinach salad too, and Mac and cheese…and the place is byob. Big moneysaver. Iggie’s is pretty much self service…no tipping, but they have a jar where money is donated to the charity of the month…this month it’s  CASA…a group that protects children who are not safe living with their families.

Fabulous Fabulation and fabulous pizza….what’s not to like?