Thank goodness for cell phones…the death of Nada…
June 22, 2009

Here in the U.S., in our safe insulated  little world, we tend to forget the deadly seriousness of what is going on in protest torn Iran right now….with thousands of demonstrators saying their presidential election was stolen. And to gather and say it out loud,  is very very dangerous indeed.

This is brought home in a shocking manner…by  a cell phone video that captured the death of a young woman named Nada….who seems to have been just watching the demonstrations with her Father, when she was shot…a witness says, by an Iranian policeman or militiaman, on a rooftop.  The video I’m linking to here is graphic…I warn you of that in advance…but it speaks volumes about what’s going on over there. Troubling, dangerous times indeed. If not for cell phone video, and the web….we would have little knowledge of what’s happening….but governments that would do so,  haven’t yet found a way to completely circumvent technology. Thank goodness.