A Little Role Reversal…
June 30, 2009

Hmmmm...Craigslist, any good jobs today?

Hmmmm...Craigslist, any good jobs today?

We have the most fascinating dichotomy going on at our house right now. As you know, my daughter graduated from college this May, and moved home earlier this month.  So…she doesn’t have a job, like thousands and thousands of other graduates…and while she is interviewing and applying( at some things that I tell her sound sketchy as hell….NO!), so far, employment has remained elusive.

And having your kid come back home after school is O-V-E-R, not just for the summer, is a different animal. When her older brother graduated, his rent in Philly was paid through the summer. I told him, “After that my friend, if you don’t have a job, you’ll have to come home. We’re not paying rent for you to stay here.” Now let me just say, that was a threat for both of us….as much as he didn’t want to move home, I equally didn’t want him to. As it turns out, he did find a job…not that he stayed there very long, but it enabled him to get a start. Whew….One done.

Now that my baby has graduated in the middle of a recession, with a degree in …. wait for it…..psychology…it’s hard to know in which direction to head. We were going over to a friend’s house for dinner a week or so ago, and my daughter looked at us and asked, “What time will you be home?”  Awkward role reversal!! After a long look back, I said, “Not sure, but not late.” Her-“You know I don’t like to be here alone.” Hmmmmm.

So that’s how it is right now….kinda tough all around. I love having the kid at home, really…she’s good company, and  quite helpful, though she calls the chores I give her to do during the day..laundry, empty dishwasher, cooking( she does make a good spaghetti sauce), running errands, etc., being my slave.   And we only fight over the tv once in a while, as long as I give in every so often to back to back C.S.I. episodes. Yeah. And I know that one day before too long, she will find a job…and get an apartment…and possibly never live with us again, if life goes her way. So, I try to enjoy the good times we have together….sail on past the little irritations we have with each other on a regular basis,  and just be in the present moment, like they try to teach me in yoga class.  It’s all good, right? Though I must admit to the hope of finding no C.S.I. on the DVR when I get home.