Your Groupon has expired….the non-redeeming Grouponer
August 19, 2011

What?? All these gone down the drain??

Ah, the lovely promise of Groupon. I blogged about it in this very space, when it was much newer….and perhaps merchants were clamoring to be on their site(though for some businesses, it must be said, that Groupon almost buried them…every time another customer walked thru the door, they lost money). But I am on the other side of the equation…they got money from me, for which they gave absolutely nothing…the non-redeeming Grouponer. Yeah.

And my family has given me a justifiably hard time about this, so much so that I have cut waaaay back on my Groupon buys. And Social Living. And Gilt City…..and so on. Here are the Groupons I let expire without using(in spite of my best intentions)

A cake at Sugarbaker’s which I never got(bought two and used one, so basically I paid full price for the cake).

Tickets to the movie Lincoln Lawyer which we never saw(ended up paying an additional $5.99 to see it on demand to add insult to injury).

Two Groupons to Blue Agave we never used(couldn’t I have stopped by for margaritas and some guacamole?)

One Groupon to Soup’s on in Hampden(though sadly, it went under before it expired, so I’m not sure this officially counts).

One Groupon to Restaurant Sabor(which also sadly went under before I could get out there-this is refunded to my account).

Oh, and in Charleston… I had a Groupon for a walking tour we never took(left it at the VRBO house in hopes someone might use it), and a Groupon for drinks at Squeeze bar there, billed as Charleston’s most narrow bar which we never drank(gave them to reporter Sheldon Dutes who travels back there occasionally).

So there. My guilty Groupon secret is out.

these are in my wallet...haunting me..."I see dollar bills..."

I have yet to add up the money lost and the money gained…I figure I’d still be ahead, but I’m not so sure. And it has introduced me to some places that I would never have tried otherwise(Tortilleria Sinaloa comes to mind)….but I’ve become more cautious about clicking buy. Much more. Though just the other day(ok, a lousy day of backsliding) I succumbed to the potential charms of The Nora Cafe and Bakery in Ellicott City. I have 6 months to get there….and I hope I do. One to Cafe Hon is expiring August 25th…the clock is ticking…ticking.

Maybe I’ll go to the Hon for breakfast tomorrow morning! After all, tomorrow is another day(didn’t someone say that?), and it’s the weekend….I hope yours is lovely, that you find a new little treasure or remember a Groupon that needs using. Don’t throw rocks, and come home safe…’cause we miss you.

Get your Groupon, on…The Art of the Deal
August 13, 2010


Chopper ride anyone?? Do it for less....

Ok, here’s something I should have shared with you before…I feel bad now. Some of you are no doubt, already members of  Groupon-here’s a link… offers  a new sweet deal every day, where if enough people buy it…the deal is ooooonnnnn. Like today’s offer(which is unusual, I must say) which is for a 15 minute helicopter tour of the Baltimore Harbor from Baltimore Helicopter Services, ..the price is usually over $500…but with the Groupon it is $146. That’s not a bad deal…and would make a fab gift.

More often,  Groupon crushes it in the  restaurant category…I bought two Groupons for the Dogwood Restaurant in Hampden when it was offered a couple of months ago, a $40 coupon for $20. That’s a no-brainer…IF you patronize or want to try that restaurant. Most recently for $20, I bought a $45 coupon for Restaurant Sabor off Padonia Road….never been there, but it’s byob(you know how I love that)…and the Latin  menu look kickin’. 

Sweet treats for everyone...half price!!

 I’ve also Grouponed a dozen cupcakes at Charm City Cupcakes($15 for 30 value-yummy), dinner at Blue Agave in Fells Point($15 for $30 value-hello, margarita)….and I could have bought six lessons for pole dancing($22 for $49 value),though I didn’t. Really.  But 900 others did. And over 3,500 Groupon maniacs bought half price tickets to the Baltimore Zoo….hey, if you’re gonna go, why not do it at half price? And there have been kayak excursions, deep hair conditioning treatments, and even 18 holes of golf on Groupon.

They have a place on their site for businesses to find out more about being part of Groupon…I would guess it exposes you to a whole new “groupon” of customers, that might not know you exist.  I’m a fan, so the only question is…where to go tonight. Dogwood for those fabulous short ribs? Maybe…..but it’s Friday, babyno one can take that away. Have a great weekend, play nice, don’t throw rocks and come home safe….’cause we miss you!