And so it begins…me and my energy makeover….
November 17, 2010

The old ductwork, ready for recycling...yes I'm that green...

Well, this is the beginning of Le Grand Métamorphose de L’énergie(the big energy makeover). You may remember BGE conducted an energy audit that took hours, and which found(wait for it) all sorts of  l’energie violations…not enough insulation, gaps in this and that, that’s leaking, this is wrong…you know, the usual. So we are endeavoring to do something about this desperate situation.

What you see above is step one….tearing out the OLD ac ductwork in attic…it’s been there, oh I don’t know, maybe 45 years? I didn’t put it in so, that’s undeterminded. But as you  can see it is just bare metal…some of the insulation had come off, some of them were crushed(who would have stepped on them..hmmmmm), so replacement with energy-efficient, already insulated flex duct was overdue.

Oooooh, already insulated!!

 $1300 later(chi-ching)…we have installed the energy efficient flex duct, that will hopefully be the answer to some of our energy woes. Next, comes installing insulation in the crawl space(sounds like a chilly, cramped operation), and sealing over the rim joists(whatever that is-I just nodded in a knowing fashion) and sealing all the rest of the little places we’re losing hot and cold air in dribs and drabs. Step one, check. I’ll let you know how the rest go….

The weekend is here…but it got off to a “crappy” start…
October 15, 2010

I got a roaring start to my day when I ran over not one… but two bags of trash in front of my car…which I knew were there. Drove about 10 feet before I realized what that dragging sound was under the car. Had to run back in the house, get two trash bags, scrape all the crap back in the fresh bags(which included Back Street Boys tapes from a clean out of my daughters old stuff-sorry Nick)…and defiled cat litter(literal crap from Spencer’s visit). Yeah. Jammin’. Happy Friday.

The Wiz is in town!!!

But onward and upward…a suggestion for this weekend or the next few as the play runs at Center Stage-click here  downtown  through November 7th…but if you’ve never seen The Wiz on stage…it is just phenomenal fun! I never even caught the 1978 movie(I don’ t think) with Diana Ross, Nipsy Russell and Michael Jackson(what a cast)…but I knew lots of the songs of course…sing it now..”Go on, ease on down, ease on down the road..go on, ease on down, ease on down the road. Don’t you carry  nothin’ that might be a load, go on, ease on down, ease on down the road.” Great cast, fantastic music, and so, so funny. It’s a winner for kids too(though no kids under 5). Irene Lewis , Artistic Director of Center Stage welcomed everyone before the play started… and revealed that Toto isn’t a trained stage dog, “So Toto does his own thing“. And he did…hilarious.

Chip and dip, of a different sort...

And the huge Maryland Home and  Garden show-info here– is at the Timonium Fairgrounds this weekend. J-Fran…aka Jennifer Franciotti…always one to get her shop on…snapped up the ingenious chip and dip set that goes vertical, not horizontal.

See? The dip bowl sits on top...clever...

The bowl sits on top of the chips, which can be accessed from with side. And pretty. No doubt loads of great things  there to see.

What? All my heating is leaking out? Noooooo!

And not that it’s exciting, ’cause it ain’t…but I have a 4 hour energy audit tomorrow morning. I can only imagine the loooooong list of things I should and could do(sigh) to make the house more energy efficient. I guess it’s a start, right? Hope all of you have a lovely weekend…don’t throw rocks, play nice, and come home safe…’cause we miss you.