What I’m using right now….hair, lips and legs..
November 4, 2011

Applying my fav shade of lip gloss....fav right now...

Thought I’d share some of the products I’m using and loving right now….one of them is the least expensive, too….it’s the CoverGirl Nature Luxe line….I’m using their mascara,  and I love their gloss/balm with shea butter.

And it has SPF 15 sunscreen...cost about $6...

Goes on really easy, soft colors, you can slip it on without looking in a mirror even. A new shade I’m loving right now is “hibiscus hibiscus“…soft rosey pink that goes really nice on a purple Friday!(Go Ravens…)

I found a new hair conditioner that I really like.. Hey, not every conditioner is “serious” enough for my tangly locks. I’ve tried  some products, and when I try to comb out later, it’s like I only used shampoo. NO likee.  Evolveh organic conditioner is a product I picked from a Beauty.com bag…..4 times a year they send out product choices..you pick 10 of them(many are full size), and they ship to you. It’s a nice way to try new thing without paying full price. And this one I really love. Leaves your hair super-silky, but I wouldn’t suggest it for someone with oily hair.

Love, love, love this stuff...it IS Genius

Next up, Janet Waddell Genius Hair Balm….and it is Genius. Another Beauty Bag find…whenever I use this stuff after shampooing and conditioner, my hair is more manageable that any other product I use,(including the much beloved Moroccan Oil). OK, I just went to the Janet Waddell website above, and found out it uses Emu oil! Who knew?) I see it is $28 for 6 ounces, but you only use a little dab….lasts a long time.

Don't let those legs go pale.....keep summer around!

Last but not least….all us fair skinned girls are in the dog days of legs…as in no color. So I use Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Summer Legs….and while I don’t see this exact product on their website the link above looks like the same stuff in a different container. Goes on golden so you get a nice quick hit of color, and the rest develops over several hours. Good stuff. And only $8.

My Latisse experiment….
March 22, 2010

Brooke Shield's eyelashes...not mine...

We did a story last fall about Latisse…you know…it’s one of those happy little “stumble upon” drugs. Doctors were using it on patients with glaucoma, who notice that after a couple of months on it, their lashes are much longer, darker and thicker. “Doctor…what’s happening to me?” And one can only imagine the  drug company Allergan, thinking..” Eureka! Forget glaucoma…we’ve stumbled on the holy grail, fellows! A new product that grows lashes and we can charge full cosmetic price for it!! A dream come true for Allergan…and women love it too.

Now let me say right up front, when we first did a story about Latisse last fall, I privately said something like, “Who on earth would use something like that, when you can just put on some mascara ? Ridiculous!”  But time went on and in January I was in a dermatologist’s office doing another story (about another subject), and we started chatting about Latisse….she uses it herself and loves it….so I totally caved. Plunked out $120 and took the tiny bottle home, and began carefully applying it every night.

My daughter’s comment was this(keep in mind, unlike her Mother, she has long dark lashes and full eyebrows)…”I think it’s just a vanity product that makes YOU feel good…no one else really notices…people use it because they notice the difference for themselves.” Out of the mouths of babes….and that’s probably true. I’m at about the 8 week point right now, and while I can definitively see a difference in my lashes, no one has has noticed or commented on them. No one. The doctor said when your eyelashes start hitting your glasses(that hasn’t happened yet)…you can cut back on the product to once or twice a week, instead of nightly application.

So tiny...but it's $120 worth....

But here’s something else I do with LatisseI use it on my eyebrows. My rather sparse eyebrows have long been the lament of Usha Gupta…Baltimore’s premier eyebrow threader…. I just don’t have all that much to thread.So I asked the dermatologist about using it on brows…and she said she thought would be ok…carefully done. And it’s on my brows that I can really see the diff.  I don’t feel the need to use some fill in product as soon as I get up, because….I don’t need to. I can’t wait to visit Usha to see if she can recognize the change without my saying anything. I love it.

Don’t try seeing if you can see a difference in my lashes on the air…oh, try if you like…but I’ve tried myself and cannot.  But …for a while at least, I will continue my little Latisse vanity experiment…just for myself.  Oh, and I just discovered a coupon on Latisse’s website…here’s a link….for a $20 off ….eases the pain just a bit. 


A Girl Needs Her BeautyFix….
October 9, 2009

My first shipment of products from BeautyFix....and  a gift makeup case...

My first shipment of products from BeautyFix....and a gift makeup case...

I don’t know how many of you like to try new products….of the makeup/skin care/beauty kind…but I love it. There’s nothing I adore more than getting free samples to try, when I buy a product in a store or online….and manufacturers know this. So, they’ve come up with an ingenious way to make you pay for samples!!

It’s a group called BeautyFix.com, and when you join, you are the member of …yes…an “exclusive” club.  Your membership entitles you to “receive the season’s hottest products , handpicked by a panel of experts“.

SO who are those experts? You can read about them online, but to save you time, I did it for you. Here’s the rundown: 3 plastic surgeons, 2 dermatologists, 1 cellular aging specialist(?), 4 celebrity hair stylists, 4 celebrity makeup artists, 3 beauty editors(though it must be said one if freelance..you know) and count ’em….7 bloggers.  And it is well known bloggers will do almost anything for free stuff. Except myself, of course. And I am paying full freight for my “beautyfix”….$49.95 quarterly(plus shipping and handling naturally).

My favorites so far.....

My favorites so far.....

You know  what a sucker I am for a pitch like this ….so of course, I joined and anxiously awaited the first of my 4 times yearly shipments. Here’s what I got in the first one: A big ME! bath ice cream bath ball, Decleor Instant Radiance, SpaRitual lotion, SpaRitual nail polish, Pur-lisse lip balm(really like this), IQ Derma Firmaceuticals firming body gel(haven’t tried it yet but have high hopes), Skindinavia makeup finishing spray(keeps your makeup fresh-like it), and Degree(yes the deodorant maker) body mist(not so much likee). And you should know that while some are sample/travel sizes, a few are full size products.

Will I continue on with being part of the club? Dunno….I’ll wait on the next shipment to make a judgement…but so far, it was admittedly fun to get a bunch of stuff in the mail to try out. And I guess it is a good deal if you went out to buy these things….the Pur-lisse lip balm is $22, the full size Firmaceuticals body gel(which is what they sent)…is $80! And the Skindinavia spray..you get a full size, that sells for $29 online. So there you have it….The scoop on BeautyFix….