The Barbie-Ipod Smackdown….it’s so oooonn!…
October 26, 2010


She looks so sweet...ready for a holiday smackdown?

Did you know that Barbie is also a news anchor? It’s true…I just found the news anchor game on Barbie’s own tricked out website-here.  You can “get Barbie ready to report today’s top stories“. (I’m SERIOUS- no one has played the anchor game yet…it’s harder than you think! Play and report back to me here...) Hmmmm, when I was a girl, Barbie just drove around in a peach colored sports car(with teal colored seats, remember?) and wore her airline stewardess uniform(hey, there was no airline attendant back then) and here she is now,  angling for my job. Not cool, Barbie.

 But I’ll bet even Barbie with her glamorous clothes and careers and blonde glossy hair has her hands full this holiday season, getting the attention of kids who are part of  the technology revolution. Barbie who?

One newsroom reporter was telling me her 7 year old daughter is asking Santa for  her own Ipod this year. The wee lass already has an MP3 player(pleeze, chile)…but it’s difficult to use and she’s always borrowing her Mom’s Ipod….blah, blah, blah.  And my friend  said mournfully….”I was hoping the 3 story Barbie Townhouse would be at the top of her Christmas list…I want to play with it…but it’s waaay down below the Ipod.”  I asked  if  her daughter’s friends have Ipods…the answer? “Yes, all of them do! One family has three kids and they ALL have Ipods!” Yikes….you’re so done girl. Take that $144 that Barbie’s crib costs at Walmart, and plunk it down on the Ipod. Smackdown over.

It’s the old yin and yang of the holiday season…getting kids what they want, vs. what you want them to have, vs. what you can afford. Ah, my old friend denial…we meet again. 

My darling daughter, who is no child(except at holiday time), has already sent me her Christmas list via email. To be fair, she asked if I wanted a list and I foolishly said, “Sure!”. And in it came that same day, neat as a pin, looking like it had been compiled by an executive assistant(which is her current job)… nine items(think cashmere, gold and Lilly Pulitzer), complete with links to where these items can be obtained. That girl…champagne taste on a beer budget, as my Mother used to say.

And at the end of the list… a chipper little “I’ll update if I find anything else!! xoxoxo.   Hey, I asked.  I hope to….NO…I will have part one of my 2010 gift idea list done and posted by the end of the week. As Rocky our old mechanic used to say when pledging to finally work on a car…”That’s a threat and a promise!”