Earth Hour….It’s show time, baby!
March 26, 2010

It's almost time to turn out the lights!!!!

OK, if you didn’t know…and honestly I haven’t heard much about it this year either…Saturday March 27th, tomorrow btw…is Earth Hour. Uh-huh, that’s right…if you want to see why many of us choose to take part and more people do each year….watch this…. 

And here’s the great thing…all you have to do is turn out your lights that night for one lousy hour…from 8:30 to 9:30 PM. Who can’t do that? Why should you is another question…but it will happen all over the world to bring attention to climate change. The Earth Hour movement began in Sydney, Australia in 2007….the next year 400 cities took part…and in 2009, 4000 cities and millions of people voted with their light switches. I joined the Earth Hour movement, about which you can find out more, on this link. The Eiffel Tower will go dark, as will the Sydney Opera House and the Pyramids in Egypt and the Domino Sugar Sign in B-town….also here in Maryland, Baltimore City Hall and 6 other public buildings will hit the off switch, as will the State House and Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis. Care to join in? 

The countdown is on...just reach for the light switch...

 I will break out the candles tomorrow evening( not hard for me as I do that pretty often anyway), but what I don’t do often  is turn out all the lights.  I hereby  grant dispensation to all of you who need to/want to/have to  watch the big March Madness game tomorrow night, I get it….just turn off the lights.  Explain to your kids why you’re doing it…’ll set a good example and save a little moolah in the process…a win-win! 

Join Jamie's revolution!

Update: I forgot to add that a terrific show comes on tonight from which many many many Americans could benefit….Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution at 9 on ABC. It’s all about relearning how to eat in this country…real honest genuine food, that is cooked at home, not heated in a microwave, and that doesn’t have tons of  additives and salt and fat. The cooking that most of grew up on, and need to go back to. Jamie says, and it is true…we are killing our children whom we supposedly love, feeding them crap. Watch the show…it will inspire you to get reacquainted with your stove and pots and pans, and change your thinking about food. I love his recipes.  Ok, over and out…have a great weekend, and come home safe..and play nice!


It’s Friday people!! And I’m kicking caffeine…really.
August 28, 2009

Goodbye my love, my French Roast....thank goodness Zekes makes it in decaf...

Goodbye my love, my French Roast....thank goodness Zeke's makes it in decaf...

Yes, and this particular Friday is starting off with no coffee…, ummmm…let me restate that. No coffee that really means anything to me today, as in ….no caffeine. Did you hear me? I said NO CAFFEINE!!! That means by this afternoon, perhaps earlier, I will feel as though my forehead was in a vise, that keeps tightening, tightening….yeah. I’m really looking forward to that. And if this afternoon on 11 News at Five, I look like I’m thinking about a cup of coffee from Zeke’s in Baltimore, it’s because I am. Thank goodness they make a French Roast in decaf.


Why on earth have I decided to go cold turkey on caffeine? Because my doctor told me to. Simple as that. I was having some not happy feelings in my chest, like feeling my heart beat too fast, which if you’ve never experienced, is not a good feeling. More like a bad feeling.  So the verdict…no coffee, no tea, no alcohol…and the coup de grace…no chocolate.(sound of crickets)

Come on!! I stared at him in disbelief….many of  the little things that make life enjoyable? You just slice them out of my life? Why not just reach inside and… take another little piece of my heart, now baby…oh, sorry, that was Janis Joplin. Anyway, I offered weakly, “I have cut back on caffeine…this morning I only had a half a cup of coffee.…”. He stared at with a look that said , “oh, you little ignoramus, you just don’t get it, do you?” And then actually said, out loud, “I didn’t say cut back, I said NO caffeine.” I don”t smoke thank God, because I’m sure he would have snatched that too, if I did.

So, this morning, without any urgency at all because what difference does it make,  I brewed some decaffeinated coffee. That’s a sad thing. I’ll have some deffeinated tea mid-afternoon(but will be gobbling Tylenol for the headache no doubt). I won’t eat any chocolate, even though I make a mean dark chocolate sauce that is so fabulous over vanilla ice cream.  I won’t have any wine even though it is Friday night people!!! I have a big pitcher of decaffeinated iced tea in the frig instead. Yegads. There it is …my sad  little tale of woe. I know, count my blessings, you’ll get over the coffee thing, things could be much worse . All this I know, but I’m allowing myself one day of wallowing in self pity. OK, maybe half a day. And then I’ll move on to my caffeine free existence. Sigh. Have a good weekend, play nice, and come home safe.

Recession proof cobbler….
December 16, 2008

I found Stefans!!

I found Stefan's!!

And by cobbler, I mean shoemaker…shoe repair person, not a peach cobbler, thought this particular cobbler is a peach. Stefan’s Leather Repair, for many years, was on Roland Ave., right off 41st St. in Hampden(fringe Roland Park?). But Stefan Gegala moved about a year ago to Falls Road, but I haven’t been able to find him until this weekend. And there he was, in his little shoe shop, looking for all the world like Santa, with his great Polish accent. “Hello Doona“….like he saw me yesterday, though it’s been a year. But I’ve been saving up my shoes!

Stefan Gegala makes shoes look new again...

Stefan Gegala makes shoes look new again...

And his shop was packed with beautiful handbags and shoes and stuff that had fallen on harder times and needed a little TLC, from patrons who know that in a recession, repair it, don’t replace it. And let’s face it…if you have a nice pair of shoes, it is sooooo much less expensive to replace the heel caps, or resole them, or as I’m having done,  replace the pointy toe sole, not the whole thing. If you wear heels with pointed toes, you know the tip of the sole wears out pretty quickly, and will start grinding  into the leather if you don’t do something. And Stefan makes shoes look like new. You know how your little skinny heel will slip between cracks of bricks in a sidewalk….scrape…Oooooh, I hate that. But Stefan can smooth that scrape, and mae the leather covering look like it never happened. Don’t know how he does it. Hmmmm….$20 for like new shoes? Done.  Especially if you paid quite a bit for those shoes. 

I love these green suede shoes....fix them!

I love these green suede shoes....fix them!

Stefan peered at me over his glasses, as I handed him a green shoe that had lost its tassel(I had the tassel)…and said, “Yes, I fix for you.” And he will. So don’t get rid of those nice shoes or the handbag with the broken strap…let Stefan make it all better. He told me his wife had made him a website, but I can’t find it, and Stefan didn’t know what it was. SO, if you go South on Falls Road into Hampden, once you pass 41st  St., , it’s on your right about a block in. You’ll see a big toy soldier in the window(see above)…..the phone number is 410-243-6852. Tell Stefan hi for me, and I’ll get my shoes Friday…..

Hats off (Or on) to the Polar Bear Plungers!!!!!!!
January 28, 2008

I, as many of you, watched the Polar Bear Plunge this weekend…feeling the dread, the pain, the excitement, the sheer craziness of the spectacle of the whole thing, in such COLD weather. Now it had been 35 or 40 degrees outside, don’t get me wrong, it’s still cold and the water is frigid, but it would have been much more pleasant.
My colleagues who participated have had this thing on the brain for some time now. I don’t blame them. When you have something coming up that is really, just awful, even for a great cause….it’s in your mind all the time.
So my hat is off to each and every one of them…you are brave, noble and crazy.
Now there have been a few remarks in the newsroom like,”Oh Donna next year it’s your turn.” ….”You’d be great Donna”.
Ummmm, no, Donna would not be great. Donna is, when it comes to water, a true Southern girl. Water is cold to me if it’s 65 degrees. Now when it gets to 75, 80 ok, now I’ll take a dip. I just can’t stand cold water. Did an Outward Bound trip a few years back in April…the water of the Chesapeake was about 45 as I remember, not as cold as yesterday…and we did a plunge. I made a promise to myself right then, that I would not ever
do that again. And as you know, promises should be kept.
Oh, and by the way, I did hear from my daughter, in no uncertain terms about Baby Girl’s scorched tail. One of her sorority sisters reads my blog, and called her, saying that Baby Girl needs a new and safer home. NO! Baby is fine, and all candles have been moved to safer positions.