All those receipts…can cream puffs be far away?
February 25, 2011

Oh, the papers, papers, papers, papers!

I’m not talking about tax receipts…those are still patiently awaiting my attention….but my health insurance company has $500 that belongs to be and I want it back. Oh, the FSA account. You know, your company cuts the money pre-tax from your check, and they reimburse you(from your own money) to pay for co-pays, deductibles, glasses, etc…things that aren’t covered. This is my weekend project…yawn.

But I must say…a lot of people here don’t do the FSA because it is, a hassle. I need to add up all the expenses(for which I must have receipts)…and hope it totals 500 bucks…if it adds up to $400…I lose the $100. Which doesn’t seem fair, because it is my money, but “them’s the rules’“. Just got off the phone with my dentist to get a receipt I don’t seem to have from last year…that’s being emailed. Oh enough with this.  Boring.

Green tea and thinking thin....better than nothing

This is lunch today..some decaf green tea and a Think Thin bar….because I don’t feel like schlogging around in the rain…oh wait…the sun’s out!

Puffs and Pastries on the Avenue....

Maybe I will get out for a bit, because I have a Groupon to redeem at Puffs and Pastries(hollah) in Hampden for a dozen assorted cream puffs(which makes the Think Thin bar kind of a giggle)….but still…. 100 calories saved is 100 calories earned, oui? Good for one cream puff.

Oh, you luscious little devil...

Have a wonderful weekend….do something fun, eat a cream puff(but only one), play nice and don’t throw rocks. Oh, and come home safe….’cause we miss you!