A sore back and a splash of cold water….
March 30, 2009

I thought of my friend and co-worker Gerry Sandusky, somewhere between the 10th and 14th bag of mulch…..GS had told me last Monday, how he had for the first time ever, hired someone else to mulch his garden beds. He said, “It was fabulous. Saturday evening came…the gardens looked great, I was enjoying a glass of wine, and my back didn’t hurt!” And I seriously considered doing the same…but it’s hard for me, like for many of you, to pay someone else to do something I know I can do my self. So, there we were this past weekend, dragging increasingly heavy bags of mulch around, raking the stuff into place….it was a long Saturday, ok? And yes, my back does feel the effort today, no doubt about it. On the plus side… my gardens look great, and I still have the couple of hundred bucks it would have taken for someone else do the job, in my pocket. Gerry, when he reads this, will snort derisively, and say something like…”Sucker…” Maybe next year Ger, maybe next year.

And then this morning, I turn on the shower to get ready to come to work, and 30 seconds later, the water is still stone cold. This is not a good sign. I pop downstairs, push the little red button on the boiler(our hot water is oil heated though I desperately want an electric on demand hot water system-this one is on demand, but oil is the energy source)….the boiler comes on for about 10 seconds and switches off again. This means something is wrong, you ain’t getting no hot water this morning. So I had to kind of make do….and while I briefly considered washing my hair in the sink..the coldness of the water was just too much…so I’ve opted for a pulled back do for the news tonight…you’ll see at five. And I’m waiting for a repairman to call and say, NOW I’m ready to fix your oil burner.  I really want a hot shower!

Donna plays designer….and, a few more things…
July 11, 2008

Ok….what do you think? I’m talking about the new look of this blog. For those of you who are saying, what the$#^$^ is she talking about…the original one (which is like everyone else’s blog on this site….) had a blue header, and my picture and the title. So, as I was poking about through the WordPress.com site, I stumble on ALL KINDS OF DESIGN TEMPLATES! I wasted far more time than I should have trying on all the outfits….it was kind of like shopping at Nordstroms….but not nearly as expensive. In fact, it didn’t cost a dime. So, I’m just throwing it out there to see what you think…(and keep in mind I may hear from the powers that be that they want it changed back and pronto…we’ll see.)

I’m feeling kind of ill right now, because I just found out that the audio for Gerry’s back pain story was messed up last night…I didn’t know last night because….well, I usually don’t stay up that late. It’s just as well now that I think about it…it would have given me an even worse night’s sleep, having bad conversations with imaginary people. You know what I’m talkin’ about.  But after a lot of work on a really interesting story, to have it out of sync is just…..maddening. Arrrghhhhhhh!!! There. I feel a little better. But on behalf of everyone here, to all of you who might have watched it…our apologies. 

Anyway, it’s Friday, right? And the sun is shining, and it will no doubt come up again tomorrow, on schedule, and that’s pretty neat in itself. Let me know what you think of the new blog look…if everyone hates it, I’ll change it back. OR, maybe I’ll change it every week to something new!! Have a good weekend everybody…be nice… and come home safe.  Cause we miss you.

A Day In New York
March 25, 2008

Miss me yesterday on the news? No? Whatever….I was in New York for the day after a busy, busy Sunday…

The day started early….up before 5 am(soooooo much earlier than my usual start to the day) to catch a 6:30 train to the Big Apple. Photographer Chuck Cochran  met there at the train station…me, as usual, with only moments to spare. I really don’t liketo stand around at the airport or the train station, so  I try to cut it as close as I can, but yesterday….well, let’s just say it was good the Acela was a couple of minutes late. Still, all’s well that ends well, right?

sarnoWe were on our way to talk to Dr. John Sarno of the Rusk Institute at NYU…he’s 84, but  an energetic 84…and has written four books and countless articles about the mind-body connection…how our brains can often be the source of much of the pain we feel in our backs, and elsewhere. Chronic back pain, migraines, all caused by something going on in our brains. He was fascinating….that story will be on in May….I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

One of his patients was there to speak with us (also a fascinating interview), and Stephanie directed us to a  place for a late lunch…called Artisanal Bistro at 2 Park Avenue, and we were starving it must be saidmenu…as we hadn’t had much breakfast. Obviously my eyes are glued on the menu. Now, if you’ve never straggled into  a nice restaurant with a photographer and all his gear in tow, then let me tell you how it is. Perhaps something like coming in with 3 toddlers, or maybe a couple of bikers…..the looks from the maitre’d and hostess…ummm…kind of sideways glances as if to say , “Do we really have to seat these people and what will we do with all  their stuff?” Thank goodness for coatrooms, though Mr. Camera, which isn’t small, goes everywhere we do. (Expensive you know…it wouldn’t do to come back and report to the boss….oh, by the way, we lost the camera in New York.)

But we finally get to a table, plunk down in our seats and heave a big sigh, make Mr. Camera comfy, and look over the menu….if you like cheese, you’ll be in heaven, after all it is a fromagerie…says so on the sign. Endless cheese flights(groupings of cheese tastings, not  cheese flying through the air, thank goodness)…and on another day I might have had one…but today it’s just lunch. As beet lovers,(seriously what are the odds that two people at lunch would both like beets?), we both choose the beet, endive, walnut and goat cheese salad, and it is divine. Really, really good. I mean, if you’re gonna go to New York, the least you can do is have a nice lunch, oui?

Then we cab it back to Penn Station, haul the gear on-board the train(OK, Chuck did the hauling but I did hold the doors),catch the Acela back to Baltie…and I went to sleep, even listening to Kanye West on my nano. That seems impossible I know, but there it is. Shows what early rising will do for you.