Tales from the Sofa…..
February 10, 2009

I know exactly what happened, and the moment. Last Friday, I was getting my hair cut, and I remarked (ok bragged)to the stylist, “I haven’t been sick or even had a cold all winter!” Even as the words came out of my mouth, I was thinking, “That is bad luck saying that.” And sure enough, Sunday afternoon, my throat was feeling scratchy, and I was sneezing like crazy. Allergy? Hmmmmm. But Monday morning I got up, and when coffee didn’t taste its usual ambrosial self, I knew something was going on. The only time coffee doesn’t taste fabulous in the morning, is when I’m sick. Plus all my joints were achy, and my throat was sore….back to bed. And today, I was hoping the morning would bring that fabulous feeling of whatever it was having left the premises of my body…know that feeling? I feel good again! But no, more of the same….I’m starting to wonder if I haave some version of the flu…even though I had a flu shot.

So I’m watching inordinate amounts of tv….tried a movie I admittedly ordered from Netflix that has been floating around the house for weeks….(meaning no one wants to watch it)…until now, called Young at Heart, about a group of elderly British people who travel around giving concerts where they cover rock favorites. “They can’t get no… satisfaction.”It isn’t as fascinating as it sounds, but I may give it another try later…it did get good reviews. So now I’m nappping on and off to a dvd of Agathie Christie’s Death on the Nile, starring David Niven and Peter Ustinov,even Bettie Davis!  Anyway, I’ve become glued to the sofa, and Baby Girl is good comppany, not to mention a great foot warmer. I’m hoping to be much better tomorrow….I wanted to tell you about a wonderful French cassoulet I made Saturday when things were better…so good and so cheap to make! Got to go….my hot tea needs sipping.