Where were you ten years ago today???
January 28, 2011


Assistant News Director Tim Tunison asked me that today…I just stared hi blankly, and said, ..”Ten years ago…today? I dunno…why?” He replied, “You were at the Superbowl!”  Oh yeah…and what a fantastic weekend that was….before the game Gerry Sandusky and I hosted an hour-long special from a freezing Tampa(isn’t Tampa supposed to be warm in the winter? It was not…)

I still have my ticket ..but lost my Superbowl Ring 🙂

But the Superbowl was a total, all out blast. Flyovers by Stealth Bombers, fireworks like you would not believe….

Britney was there too…..

An unbelieveable half time show that featured Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and N’Sync,  Nelly, and Mary J Blige doing “Walk this Way“-here’s a link to that show on YouTube.-(funny part where Mary J is NOT gonna share her mic with Stephen Tyler-get your own buddy)..and some pretty darn amazing football, back when Trent Dilfer was Baltimore’s hero, and so was Coach Brian Billick. The Ravens defense seemed to anticipate every play the Giants ran.

And here’s my little gift to you….if you want to relive some really terrific highlights from that game, with lots of sideline comments(some pretty spicy) from both coaches, go to Hulu-here. It’s total fun to watch….and we have a story looking back at that game tonight on 11 News at Five…hope you check it out! Have a great weekend, be kind, play nice and for Pete’s sake, come safe…’cause we miss you.

No Show Today!!
June 18, 2009

Tigers Happy Dance...I can relate...

Tiger's Happy Dance...I can relate...

OK, number one…an apology for not blogging all this week…sometimes the week just gets by me.  Scusi…pardone…you know. Anyway…when I came in this morning, Mindy Basara rushed over….ok, that means news, and not the kind you put on television, if you know what I mean. And it just so happens, in this instance, I can share it with you. Other times, I’d get sued or fired, so….sorry. 

Did you know there’s no 5:00 show tonight?” , she exclaimed…I probably looked pretty dazed and confused…”noooo“, I say slowly. She explains, “It’s golf !” Oh yeah, I do remember seeing something on The Today Show this morning about the U.S. Open starting today, and wondered how it might impact  Eleven News at Five, and now I know..it’s blowing it out of the water…today and tomorrow. So I will not have the pleasure of sharing that hour together with you, that quality time that we usually get…I will be…ummmm…well, blogging, for one thing. Now that I don’t have a newscast to think about, that frees up time for this very thing.

And I have my mammogram today….so I won’t feel so pressured to get in and out like a flash. I was writing a story just a couple of weeks ago, about how mammograms have dropped in the U.S., across all age and socioeconomic groups, and I thought to myself….when was my last mammogram? I called and got the answer…2007. Oooops. So I made my appointment right then and there, and today is the day!  I know a lot of people dread them…but you know, it’s just a moment of discomfort, some would call it pain…but just when you get ready to say, “Hey lady that really hurts!”, it stops. I can take anything for a second or two.

Tomorrow there is no 5:00 newscast as well….so I will write a story that I had to get written anyway…I’ll just have more time to do it, and maybe work on some other projects for the future. Maybe I’ll even get crazy and eat lunch out, instead of at my desk….imagine that! But no worries, I will be back with you again…Monday, at five o’clock…and yes, I will watch the U-S Open. And while I like the rest of the world, worship at the feet of the the master, Tiger Woods…I will secretly root for Angel Cabrera to pull off an upset. I like him….but I don’t know…Tiger is healthy this year, which makes him seem insurmountable, but you never know. You just never know.

One Smart Fortune Cookie!!
February 19, 2009

A treasure chest of gourmet fortune cookies!

A treasure chest of gourmet fortune cookies!

Yesterday on Eleven News at Five (and if you weren’t watching, shame…)you might remember a lovely woman named Angela Newman, mother of two cute kids, who had lost her job and thus, her precious health insurance. It’s a bad pickle to be in, especially when you have young children. Lisa Robinson’s story was about how there is help out there (and the new stimulus package will be picking up 65 % of the cost of  Cobra for nine months for those who are out of work)…..and you might have heard Lisa mention that Angela had started a small business, selling gourmet fortune cookies. She kindly brought a few luscious delectables back for me, and now, I pass the favor along to you.

Sweet Fortunes  is the name of Angela’s company…..she got the idea from her Mother’s 60th birthday….everthing was all planned celebrating her Chinese culture (some great family pictures online)…but Angela couldn’t come up with a party favor….so, necessity being the mother of invention….she dipped fortune cookies in chocolate, and boom, everybody wanted to buy some. Hmmmm, if chocolate is good, why not cinnamon apple strudel, or butterscotch, or key lime pie, or orange soda or toasted coconut….you get the scrumptious idea.

Cinnamon apple strudel on top, eggnog below....

Cinnamon apple strudel on top, eggnog below....

And so Angela  has several “assortment dozens” , from Child’s Play featuring bubble gum and  ice cream flavors, to Happy Hour Mixers, with Brandy and Irish Cream. I had a couple of the dark chocolate ones last night….yummo! And she can do custom orders for weddings or retirement parties or birthdays, complete with special order fortunes inside….in fact Angela told me, “Custom fortunes are about 80 % of my business!”

What a great idea for a new small business…this is one MBA smartie who is isn’t just counting on good fortune…she’s making it…fortune cookie by fortune cookie. Good luck Angela….

P.S. Angela’s cookies are also available at Eddie’s of Roland Park!!

Project Runway is here…and should we forget breast self-exams?
July 16, 2008

Forget the breast self exam?

Forget the breast self exam?

I just finished writing a story for tonight’s newscast at 5 PM…it basically says that women can just forget all about doing self breast examinations looking for lumps…that really it doesn’t change anything, and that you might get an unnecessary biopsy. And indeed, the American Cancer Society changed their guidelines that recommended self exams in 2003 after similar studies. Hmmmm.

I can certainly understand the end conclusion that overall, it doesn’t change the breast cancer death rate. But here’s the thing…I can’t tell you how many women I’ve spoken with over the years who found their own breast cancer, often pretty soon after a clean bill of health from a mammogram or a doctor’s examination. So if they had not discovered this lump and gone back to the doctor and started treatment, would it have made no difference in the end result if they have waited maybe another year?  Maybe, but it’s hard to swallow. It might make no statistical difference when looking at millions of cases, but for that particular case…if it’s you, say…it just might make all the difference in the world.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I’d say you still need to periodically “stay in touch” with your body. No one knows it better than you do….and I’d rather be that case who found it early and got help, than someone who didn’t and had it found 6 or 8 months later. As Dr. Neil Friedman, the much respected director of The Breast Center at Mercy, told me when we were discussing this very subject after similar studies came out a few years ago….” I think many women find it empowering to do self exams. Are they absolutely necessary? No…but anytime you can take control of your own health, that’s a good thing.” This new study will probably come as a relief for many women who think, “Whew, one less thing to do.” That, I totally get. 

Cleared for landing on Project Runway

Cleared for landing on Project Runway

On a (much) lighter note…..WHO’S READY FOR PROJECT RUNWAY? WHO IS? WHO IS?  That’s right, it’s moi! Tonight…join me… and for those of you who may have never seen this fashion extravaganza (sad, so sad), plus all the hair pulling and knashing of teeth (delicious)….I included a little introductory link above. Enjoy. We’ll talk tomorrow.