Hot and in the dark…..

This huge limb is still dangling from this enormous tree in my yard…haven’t found anyone to take it down…yet. I think this past week has been one to remember for many people, and one they’d also like to forget. Friday night when the darn derecho…that’s what the storm was called…moved through….and left such a mess behind, and a heaping helping of misery.

This little device really saved us….we could at least charge phones, computers, Nooks, etc… the car(where it was also blissfully cool)…

The Powercup Inverter is something I’ve used more often on long car trips…but in this power outage, it was a lifesaver. It has  two 120-volt AC outlets and a USB port…so you can power three devices at one time….and it fits right into a cup holder! It’s powered by plugging it into your cigarette lighter.

Spagetti and meatballs from Cafe Gia in Little Italy…great food…plus they had AC, power and cooked food!

Like many of you who lost power, we had to find cool places to go. Saturday afternoon…a movie at Harbor East and dinner right down the street at Cafe Gia. Their ac was making thing decently cool, and the food was amazing…it’s like eating at your Nona’s house(if you’re Italian). And I didn’t have to open the refrigerator( a no-no during a power outage). But then Sunday morning at 8….I felt like the angels started singing…

The power is back, the power is back…hallelujah!!!

This is the first thing I had from the frig….

A big glass WITH ICE of Hojicha green tea with vanilla. Yum.

My neighbor’s dogs came over for a “cooling off period”….bless their hearts.
Had to take this from the next room looking through a French door, as my
cats were NOT happy about it.

Ok, this picture has nothing to do with power outages….

A leftover from some plumbing work done in my basement….

The plumber handed this to me as he left….and I’m trying to figure out what kind of art project I can do with it…any ideas? I love the old copper getting the aqua blue tinge….so cool looking. But what? Still pondering.

For those of you out there still sweltering in the heat and the dark….I feel you…and I hope your lights come on very, very soon. Then you’ll hear the angels sing too….


3 Responses

  1. Hi Donna – I am always looking for new and interesting teas to try and was wondering where I might find the Hojicha tea you mentioned? Is this a loose tea or tea bags? Thanks!

  2. HI Donna: I too love ice tea (homemade) and would like to know if you have a special recipe for your Hojicha tea with vanilla. I love your blog. 🙂

  3. You can order that particular tea and more(they’re all delicious from The Teaologist at
    Try the cocoa chai…amazing too.

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