Groupon Garden Party…..

While I will put REAL blackboard in eventually, I waited too late
for this shindig. Answer: foamboard and chalkboard paint.

OK, I used to be (as many of you have been, don’t deny it) a Groupon addict. But when I found there were too many of these “bargains” that I was allowing to expire unused, I kinda backed off. But I’ve had this one simmering in my hip pocket for almost a year….expiration was I called the folks at The Savory Kitchen in Frederick, and set a date for the “Friends and Family Feast“….a catered dinner for 25.  June 16th…be there.

Don’t have enough matching plates? Party rental…love these
white square ones….20 of each, about $25….

And not doing any of the cooking,  frees one to be a little more creative in other areas(or clean the house as the case may be)….here were some things I tried.

Napkins are Ikea dishclothes…huge so great for a buffet lap napkin.
Only $.79 each…and if they get stained: cleaning cloths. Morandi in
NYC also uses them as napkins..

Yes, more hydrangeas…

Put all the flatware in this little tin container I got from Pottery Barn last year…and used Mason jars as drinking glasses and votive holders. I didn’t have tons of Mason jars, but I ordered them from Ace Hardware for $12 a dozen. And I wish I had gotten all of them the little size…they make perfect size drink containers!

Put all the empty Mason jars in this old strawberry crate,
with some flowers…for guests to grab.

nibbles….the Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Dip was to die for,
and so was the black-eyed pea salsa….

A really creative guest brought baby veges from her garden,
that were so pretty, they became a decoration….love the idea.

An equally creative guest brought bundles of lavender from
the Eastern Shore, wrapped with ribbon. Yes, they grow loads
of it…lucky devils. I can’t grow lavender to save my life.

Remember the huge vase from Ethan Allen(yes a Groupon)..
today filled with long-stemmed hydrangeas…..

Used oyster shells(of which I have many) as iced tea
spoon rests.

Ok, this is not my picture, but used a stand just like this one to
Sangria….I forgot to take a picture. Party brain!

I’ve wanted a hanging chandelier over this table for
forever…Found this one at West Elm on sale. And it’s
made for outside use!!

Many, many many thanks for the delicious food from Cheri at The Savory Spoon. I honestly did not know what to expect…I knew absolutely nothing about them, and certainly not how good…no, make that how delicious… their food is. And they bring it right to your door! Best pulled pork I’ve ever had…seriously. Na’an herbed toasts for dips…addictive. Salads and slaw yum, fresh guacamole ditto….and those little cheesecakes with the crunchy crusts I squirreled a few away for Donna… for later… you know what I mean. Sorry 🙂



3 Responses

  1. I am thrilled that you enjoyed your “Perfect Friends and Family Gathering” prepared fresh in our kitchen. We love what we do and clients like you are the reason the business is growing and thriving! We will definitely be stealing some of your serving ideas for future events…you have a keen eye for style Donna.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful soirée with yummy food. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your summer.

  3. Super pics, Donna—lucky guests and hostess, no doubt! Remember that the Groupons don’t truly expire–you still get paid value, just not the double deal if you miss the date, so don’t trash them along with the money you paid for them.
    Please keep the blogs coming!

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