When I saw this…

ImageWhen I saw this picture of those swirl vases on the dining table at the HGTV Dream Home 2012, it was love. And when I saw they are from Ethan Allen, and knew I had an unused  Groupon to Ethan Allen…it was happiness. Here’s what I did with mine….

Curly willow in my swirl vase.....

The thing weighs a ton….seriously, it’s a hunk of glass, but I love it…and roots from the curly willow are growing…not sure why I’m happy about that but I am…

Curly willow roots growing...can I plant it outside this spring??

My daughter gave her first big girl dinner party….she called, to talk it over, and I asked if she needed anything. Yes, as it turns out…plates, cutlery, wine glasses, a table cloth(for the floor-no dining table), candles, etc. Sooooooooo…

Salad servers, check...big serving bowl, check....

I loaded it all up and drove over Saturday afternoon…and while I left the final setup to her… I love the result of her dresser turned bar.

This piece belonged to my Grandmother...I painted it red when I was a teenager, but I love the color!

Adiosing all the makeup and hair stuff, and putting the wine glasses and wine and flowers there…is just beautiful. I wish she would keep it like that, but I know.. life intervenes.(And a girl needs a place to do her makeup!!)

And this I show you just because I thought it was such a great looking way to deal with the litter box issue, when you don’t have a basement in which to keep it….a litter box with classic French style, made with wooden wine crates…hinged on the back. You can find out more about in on Apartment Therapy…love it!

Chat boîtes!!



4 Responses

  1. Yes, you CAN plant your curly willow! Through serendipity, my mom noticed a week after my wedding that the curly twig things in my centerpieces started to sprout roots. Turns out it was curly willow, she let the roots grow a bit, and planted it outside eventually. Within 3 years, there was a beautiful, over 7 ft high tree in their yard! Definitely try to nurture a few cuttings and see what they do!

  2. Donna, I just want you to know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I look forward to all of your entries. They make me laugh and mostly, they give me a warm feeling of southern familiarity and comraderrie with you. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. Thanks Janice!!

  4. Donna – I so enjoy your blog/tweets! Just a little note of caution should you decide to plant your curly willow – Locate your curly willow in an area that can accommodate 30 feet in height and 15 feet across when it is full-grown. It’s a rapidly growing tree, reaching 15 to 20 feet in three to four seasons, and its full height in just eight to 10 years. It blooms with pale yellow blossoms from April through May and should be pruned in late winter to early spring so that permanent branches will be high enough to allow the drooping branches to drape down.

    The curly willow has weak branch crotches that get more prone to storm damage as the tree ages, and the thin papery bark is also easily damaged. Be on the lookout for aphids and gypsy moths, along with willow leaf beetles, which are black as larvae and a metallic blue color as adults. Other insect pests that this tree attracts include lace bugs, which cause yellow leaves, and poplar and willow trunk borers. Diseases and organisms that can affect the curly willow include crown gall, willow scab, black canker and fungi, which cause leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust and tar spots. Avoid ingesting the seeds of the curly willow, because they are poisonous.

    Don’t plant a curly willow near septic tanks or lines, spacing them at least 25 to 30 feet away. Their roots will enter septic lines and clog them. Avoid planting curly willows in large numbers near paved or concrete surfaces, because the shallow roots will grow upward as the tree matures and can break through the ground. Years ago my Grandparents planted a curly willow and unfortunately the roots invaded some of the piping from the well to the house. Needless to say it was not what I would call an “easy fix”. They are lovely in a vase so I just enjoy mine inside the house.

    P.S. – Hope your daughter is on the mend. No one takes care of you like your Mom, no matter how old you are. Only wish my Mom were still here to take care of me and I am 56!

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