Glossing, Balming and Prepping: What I’m using and loving right now….

I like to shake it up in the product world…keep it fresh, you know. So here are some of my current favs…..first up, Number Four Super Comb Prep and Protect

Super Comb Prep and Protect

It’s a leave in conditioning spray, that also protects hair color from UV rays….but what I notice is it leaves my hair super manageable. $38….but it lasts a long time…you just use a few sprays after shampooing.

Oh just get it....

Fredric Fekkai’s glossing cream is a long time fav…it uses olive oil to add some moisture back into your hair(I find mine gets much drier in the winter months-yikes, flyaways!). Truly, a little dab will do you…the tube lasts seemingly forever. 4 oz. for $21…

Alpha lipoic acid? DMAE? What?

Derma-e’s Alpha Lipoic Acid/DMAE cream I love, love, love. On Derma-e’s website this good size jar is $22, but at Swanson Vitamins-here(where I get all my vitamins too), it’s only $15…you can compare the ingredients to some of the tres’ pricey stuff at Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

This stuff is just lovely!!

This Speppermint(that’s not a typo) Lip Balm  and Ginger Lemongrass Solid Lotion were sent to me by a company called Rinse Bath and Body-here….I’d never heard of them, but their products are amazing. Rinse is a family run small business in Monroe Georgia…they make all natural, vegan friendly, gluten free products…and they smell good enough to eat(but don’t). And the solid stick lotions are great for travel as they are TSA friendly…no worries about putting them in a plastic baggie. I’m dying to try the Peppofoot Stick.  Lotion stick is $8, lip balm $4. Enjoy!


5 Responses

  1. Hi Donna –

    Per your recommendation I ordered several items from Swanson Vitamins at 6 am January 18th and my goodies arrived on Thursday, January 19th. My package was still smoking when it arrived at my home ! I was very interested in trying the product by dermae’, DMAE – Alpha Lipoic C-Ester Creme and will return with a follow-up. I am very familiar with the pricey Dr. P. products so this will be an interesting experiment. I have been a Philosophy Girl for 8-9 years and have experienced excellent results with that product but I am always willing to try other things. Thank You for the heads up regarding Swanson Vitamins. I checked with a friend who is a ‘Vitamin Authority’ and she impressed by quality companies selling their products through Swanson.

  2. I loooove Swanson….and hope the cream works out for you…I really like it! Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hello Donna – I have been reading your blogs for the last for years and am a faithful follower of WBAL-TV and radio. I especially like the blogs about your beauty routine/products etc., and certainly don’t want to ask something that maybe a bit too personal but here goes…… you look fabulous so my question to you is how do you stay in such great shape? I’ve noticed many of your blogs contain food entries so how in the world do you eat such fabulous food and never gain a pound? If it’s not to much to ask could you please post something about your diet, i.e., what do you have for breakfast, favorite snacks, do you try to steer clear of sugar, do you drink gallons of water? I am also interested in your vitamin regimen, would it be possible to let me know what vitamins you take? Hope this is not too much to ask and if it is, I certainly understand. If you rather not “blog” about this subject and it isn’t too much trouble, you can also e-mail the info directly to me at the address listed below. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Donna – just wondering if you are still using the Derma-E Alpha Lipoic Acid/DMAE cream? I just bought it last week so can’t really give a thumbs up or down at this point but one thing for sure… is pretty smelly! How have your results been using this? Thanks!

  5. That’s odd, I know it’s not a perfumed cream, but its smell has never bothered me at all. I do still use it, in addition to Retin A…it’s hard to quantify results when you use lots of stuff on your face, but I do like the cream, especially for the price.

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