Boiled peanuts and boat rides….Thanksgiving down south…

Things were pretty civilized Thursday am at BWI....

Most of you know I traveled back to Alabama for Thanksgiving…the first time I’ve done so since I moved to Baltimore in the 80s….suffice it to say…it’s been a while. And it was amazing. Relaxing, good times, good weather, boat rides, cooking, hanging out with the fam…just a fabulous long weekend. I attempted to recreate the weekend for you in pictures….

Intense fog over Smith Lake in the distance ….

Sign down the road...none of us are sure what a turkey shoot is...

I was the lucky one…arriving on Thanksgiving Day…dinner is already cooked!! Love the table my sister set(all from foraging, not buying)…and I did make the pear name tags!!

Ok, I did buy the pears, but we ate them later...

I was tempted to buy some boiled peanuts…I am a recent convert to the treat….and look they’re right there, just open the can!

So easy right? Just open the can...

But in the end, we boiled our own…..though it takes HOURS(seriously). And as we couldn’t find green peanuts(ours were dried, but not roasted)…they were good, but could have been better I think.

My first time actually boiling peanuts....they're not bad!

"Confederate Roses" my sister put by the bed....

And we actually went for boat rides on the lake, it was so warm out….

My nephew Allen, and my daughter are ready to go...

Tommy enjoys the ride more than anyone....ears flying..note the AU collar.

When in doubt, wear pearls.....

And there was a precious antique store that’s opened up just down the road….they had some amazing things in there…and a great eye for display. Love the lunchboxes….just like the one my Father took to work every day.

So cute, mounted in multiples!!

My daughter fell in love with these owl cookie jars...

And we all love these coffee cups….the joke is, Crane Hill is really just a four way stop, with a little store there….Love it.

Crane Hill folks wish all of you happy holidays!!


3 Responses

  1. My in-laws were born and raised in FL so boiled peanuts are a much loved treat in our home. For fabulous raw, super-large peanuts, go to They are sold in 1 lb. sealed bags, freeze beautifully and are delicious! They also ship really fast. We used to have to wait until our annual vacation in Florida to buy raw peanuts, but now I can have them year-round. Because of their size, they do take hours to cook, but are well worth the wait. So, next time you have a boiled peanut craving, check out the above website and let us know how it goes!!

  2. i love all the pictures!!! we did have the best time–a wonderful family time–with perfect weather–however–i drove back to gulf shores today–monday–in nasty drizzle most of the way–im so glad it waited until thanksgiving was over – reading your blog was like reliving the weekend–way to go sis!!!!

  3. I’ll try that….thanks so much Deb!!

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