Ready…set….shower! The bathroom makeover is completed….

I love stepping into this shower....the door is the Enigma by Dreamline

Ok, I’ve had several of you ask about the completion of the bathroomthat was being redone….It is now finished, except for a couple of details(deciding what to hang on walls artwise-there has been a teensy bit of disagreement over this)….but finished. I love the white subway tile. Classic…don’t think I’ll get tired of it, and the gray grout makes the tile stand out(besides being practical).

Shelves at the back of the shower...mirror glass in cabinet doors..

And I’m determined that these shelves will not become overrun with shampoos and conditioners, like before(should be easier now that my daughter the product fiend, lives elsewhere)…

Love the way the pebbles feel under your feet....

Here's how the bathroom cabinets turned out....

Glass from Chaudron Glass in Baltimoresuch a cool placepost about it here.

the pattern is called "Rondelle"....

I want a larger mirror...and on the wall is to be determined...

The mirror I recycled from the bathroom in it’s previous state(still like it)…got a different wall-hung sink..larger and more contemporary looking…nice ledge to put things on!

My daughter painted this canvas...I think I like it here...

And as you can see, I mixed metals…(something I did in the kitchen makeover as well)….it’s just more interesting than everything perfectly matchy-matchy…as long as you don’t overdo it. Used the polished chrome for most things, and the sink faucet and shower hardware in wrought iron finish. And yes, I bought everything including the shower door(which weighs 400 freakin’ pounds) online…..except for the cabinet doors-from Chesapeake Kitchens….and Chaudron glass.


3 Responses

  1. Donna I do like the look but I don’t like the pebbled floor and I’m surprised you do as it lays … to the left it looks nice and tight – to the right it looks like you were running out of pebbles so they “stretched” them … other than that, its great … I love the mixed metals, I don’t like everything match-y match-y either …

  2. I know….I had them redo the section as it wasn’t draining as well as it should….this was the result. Not perfect, but I’ve decided to live with it.

  3. Very nIce! Thanks for posting the pictures.

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