Here kitty, kitty, kitty….Making your own cat food…

Make your own? Maybe...

Ok, let me put it out there that I’ve never, ever made my own cat food. But I am one of many who sighs deeply when looking at the price for a can of the stuff. The things MY CATS will eat…range in price from around $.50 for a small can( will serve two of them for one meal) to $1.30…or more(Wellness at Whole Foods-$1.50, Newman’s Own-$1.40).  That can add up over the course of a year.

At the EXPO East show here in Baltimore, I stumbled across a booth for Wild Kitty Homemade Cat Food kit-website here. All you have to do is lightly cook a pound of ground whatever…beef, chicken, turkey(you can also add raw meat, if your cat is on a raw diet)…and add the packet from Wild Kitty. What’s in it? Accoding to the ingredient list….pretty good stuff, like clams, chicken liver, rice bran, broccoli(when’s the last time your cat ate his broccoli?), wheat germ oil, natural taurine, spinach, coral calcium, and so on…..And Wild Kitty says on its website that owners of indoor cats will notice an added bene….almost no smell in the litter box!

This makes a little over a pound of cat food....

If I am to be honest,  I’ve had this packet for over a month…and I have yet to actually use it. But I promise to make up some this weekend, and let you know how Baby Girl and Muffy react. They are, by any definition, picky eaters. The cost of 4 packets(to which you add meat) is $14.95…..but that makes, ummmmm, 4 plus pounds of cat food. That’s a lot. Don’t make me do the math. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty


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  1. Yes, Donna, the GCI cookbook. I made my cat’s food for years from leftovers in the blender and frozen in small containers. Kibble on the side for crunch!

  2. dogs…

    […]Here kitty, kitty, kitty….Making your own cat food… « Hamilton's Habitat[…]…

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