Sweet…and spicy….You asked for it, Stein’s Sweet Potato Soup

There was a neighborhood bonfire and soup/stew cookoff this past weekend…and while I didn’t get my offering there in time for the judging…I thought this soup was a real winner…Stein’s Sweet Potato Soup, a recipe from the Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City Utah. But what makes this one different is the addition of chili peppers. Sweet, and spicy…just the way I like it.

Yes, it's just as fabulous as it looks....

 Stein Erikson is a former alpine ski race and Olympic gold medalist….born and raised in Norway…he won the gold medal in the giant slalom in 1952, and was considered skiing’s first “superstar”. But he headed for the U.S., and opened the Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City-here. I was lucky enough to stay there  for Great Country Inns, back in the day. Drop dead gorgeous place(if you are ever in Park City, go see it, and have lunch)….and the food there absolutely rocks it.  Stein was a really interesting guy to interview (and not bad to look at, let’s be honest).

Great skiier....and really nice guy...

But I digress, back to the soup….the recipe is pretty easy really. The most complicated part is roasting and peeling the chili peppers(and that ain’t hard).

Pretty simple, really....

Ingredients are listed on the recipe above. You simply saute the carrots and onions together for a while, add the chicken stock and the sweet potatoes and cook until tender(and I added a bay leaf and a big clove of chopped garlic).

SImmer the potatoes for 20 minutes or so until tender...

When everything is tender, stir in your roasted peeled chilis…

Roast at 400 until blackened, then sweat them in a paper bag. Peel.

Simmer a few minutes, and puree the batch, season to taste. Dat’s it. If it’s still not hot enough for you(and sweet potatoes can take some heat), add a splash of Sriacha or Tobasco. Done. Slurp. Enjoy.

Yummo to the extreme....


2 Responses

  1. Donna – we have your cookbook and will have to try this recipe. We loved the show and watched it religiously. We do miss it.

  2. thanks Michael!

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