Near the finish line…..and little weekend history!

Beautiful, hand engraved

Ok, I took another trip to Chaudron Glass yesterday(my glass was finished a day early by the “man upstairs“)….better known as Derrick Chaudron, 5th generation of the Chaudron family to work in the family biz. And I didn’t even go around the block a few times looking for Lovegrove Street, but I did get a better look at the place inside….wow, they do some amazing work, like the gorgeous piece you see above.

narrow streets allowed fire to easily jump buildings

Derrick told me..they’re on an alley, because Chaudron has been in this old carriage house since 1931…which would have of course, had an entrance in the back, not on the main street. Before they were at this location, they burned down in the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904, which destroyed much of the city over two days!(20 banks burned down, but the vaults held and not a penny was lost!)

melted glass that contains wood and nails from original location

And this is Chaudron’s souvenir from the Great Fire. Incredible. They’ve been around since 1901…so yeah, they have some experience in glass and mirrors. Here’s what my  doors look like(unmounted)….

Pretty, yes? I love...

And the construction guys are back at my house today….finishing up all the details(shelves, towel racks, etc.) and redoing some tile work that didn’t come out quite right…which they were really nice about. Next week….I’ll show you the finished product…I hope I’m not jinxing the whole thing by saying it will be finished today!

It's soup weather!!

Have a fab weekend all…the forecatst looks gorgeous, so do something outside and enjoy the weather, make some butternut squash soup(doesn’t that sound nice?)…or sweet potato…yum. It’s gonna be soup weather. And come home safe…’cause we miss you!


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