the zen of bathroom remodeling… and other tales from the palace(as in Blenheim)….

Shower floor is pebbles...white subway tile on the walls...

Well, a number of you have asked how the bathroom remodel is coming along….and truly, by now, I thought it would have been long finished. We are now a week past due date. The bath is functional, by which I mean you can take a shower, you can brush your teeth at the sink, you can go to the loo….but some detail work remains on the tile and the ceiling lights, no shelves are up to put anything on…so I’d say we are 7/8 there?

I have gone from being a little frustrated…to wanting to stomp my foot… that it wasn’t finished in time. But now that my house guests leave in two days, I have retreated to that Jamaican “Soon come, man” attitude.  I’m not upset, or angry, or anything really. It will be finished when it will be finished. Very zen, yes? Oh…but there is one thing. remaining monies stay in my pocket until it’s done. All. done.

Guinness shirt...of course....

Oh, and here’s a little tale about the people staying at my house…the Shelleys, as I’ve told you are 84 and 79, I think. They grew up in England…Harry in London, and he and his Mum were shipped out to the countryside when he was just a boy, when the  London Blitz  began in 1940( he actually was dug out of his house after it was bombed there…not injured). He said it was the most amazing scene you can imagine at Paddington Station….hundreds and hundreds(maybe thousands) of women and their kids milling around taking trains to who knows where? They didn’t know where they were going, but when they got off…people who lived in the towns just came and picked out people to stay with them(the clean and tidy were picked first of course). And there they stayed until it was safe to come home.

Inside Blenheim Palace...very posh...

But that’s not the story! On a walk one morning, Harry shared something I had never known about him(and I’ve known him for 30 years)….that his grandfather was head coachman for Winston Churchill’s Father.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

And Harry’s grandmother was in the room when Winston was born in 1876…part of her duties at Blenheim Palace, as head housekeeper! Very upstairs, downstairs…yes?

Insanely good!! I think we had been talking about Downton Abbey-here, the insanely popular British costume drama( season two is airing right now in the UK so I downloaded Season 1 from iTunes and LOVE.) It jogged his memory I guess.  SO if you haven’t seen Season 1…get it together, so you can be prepared for season II which begins here in the U.S. in January. You will NOT be sorry! Here’s glimpse at the trailer for Season II.


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