Roast it, wrap it, grill it and love it!!

Come on baby, blacken!!

In Maine last weekend, I had the luxury(it is a luxury if you don’t have one) of a gas stove. Nothing fancy about it, but cooking with gas, I love love  love. ..especially for roasting peppers. And the lovely Jennifer loves Poblanos….and who could blame her. Smokey, not too hot…they’re lovely. So to roast, you just blacken them all over,  then pop them into a paper bag to “sweat”them(which makes them easier to peel) and after they cool, take the skins off. Do not attempt this while they are still hot….I have burned my fingers, getting a little over zealous.

Peel them, and don't forget to seed them....

I reduced some wine and a little vinegar in a saucepan, the added cold pats of butter, salt, and the poblanos, and little chopped cilantro…and we served it alongside of steaks we grilled…only it was pretty fabulous on the lobsters too.

The turf part of steak and lobsters....

It was my son’s birthday dinner, and really it was kinda perfect….beautiful view, great food, nice wine, and presents of course.

Just waiting for some food and drink...almost dinner time!

Presents to open!!

And it’s hard to know what to buy for a guy who lives in limited space in Manhattan(I made a vow long ago never to buy them anything that sits on something), and has almost everything he wants(ok, except for the 2 million dollar brownstone)….so for the most part, I opt for gift certificates(those are the little scrolls in the pic above)…for restaurants, clothes, blow drys(for Jennifer, obvie)…services for the most part, not things that take up space. Oh and the “ribbon” on the package above is actually a knit necktie from Bonobos.

One does want a hint of color....

He is currently loving colorful socks…a look I love. Have yet to talk the hubby into this trend, but a pop of color is just so cool…love it. (And socks don’t take up much room, and they do wear out!)

speaking of a pop of color....

And it’s sooooo Friday. And while the leaves aren’t changing there like they were in Maine, the weather will feel like autumn this weekend. So put on a sweater, cheer on your favorite team(go Ravens and War Eagle!), take a nice long walk, and maybe roast some marshmallows over an outdoor fire….and come home safe, ’cause we miss you! (Next week, the bathroom reveal…it’s been a couple of dusty, trying weeks.)



2 Responses

  1. “One does want a hint of color” – I think of this comment (as made by Nathan Lane in The Birdcage) several times a week as I am dressing in the morning and it never fails to make me smile!

  2. I know! I use it all the time, and it has the same effect on me!!

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