Poke Chops and Apple Pie….and Chicken!

CLick, click...me snapping the sign as my son snaps me...

Ok, I had a terrific time this weekend in Maine….and as you can see, I took lots of pictures of things I found interesting…like the sign at the nearby pub….sooooo wished I had caught Pork Chop and the Other White Meats…hilarious.

Oh, Poke Chop...

Surprised me the number of places that were already closed for the winter..it’s just September, guys.

Where will I get my live bait now??

Had some amazing local oysters at a restaurant in Portland, called Street and Co….amazing place with some delicious small plates. They make a kicking aioli and mignonette sauce for the oysters.

Just keep on shuckin'....

Discovered a great find in Naples called Beth’s Kitchen Cafe….the stuff they were baking in the kitchen(pies, cakes, vegetable lasagnes and strombolis-wow)were just amazing.

View out the window at Beth's...

Got my son’s birthday pie(he’s a pie man) from there…it’s so pretty.

A piled high birthday apple pie!

Discovered dogs drive in Maine….he looks pretty responsible…

"I've been trucking for years"

More on the birthday dinner, and a 2 hour wasted DRIVE looking for a present later this week. I was really such an idiot! But I was happy to see my favorite free range chickens were still around just down the street…

Note the black chickens in the background on branches...


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