It’s crazy time…locked out, screamed out…but leave my car alone!

This is how my week is going.....

You know….it’s just been one of those weeks. Dry eyes….construction dust in the house…cough, cough,…trying to get sinks, shower doors, tile, etc., in on time, so everything can stay on schedule, and have workers out of the house before house guests from England come in for a week’s stay….plus job-work, and doing a presentation at  Expo East Natural Foods convention tomorrow at the Convention Center….you know, the usual.

And then last night driving home, thinking, ok, there is nothing to eat in the fridge..honey, it’s scrambled eggs-again….a big semi truck to my left, is turning left. The very end of his trailer clips my side mirror and knocks off the back of it. And kept going….probably didn’t have any idea he had hit something.

So I take off after him…he finally stops….his girlfriend leans out the window yelling at me with attitude about how” nothing happened and what am I talking about, you’re crazy, etc“…..I just start taking pictures. That cooled her jets a little. The guy gets out to talk to me…he is much nicer(hey, it’s his job in the balance here—his company’s name is on the truck, and the truck number). I explain I have no interest in getting anyone in trouble for anything, but I do want my mirror paid for…he aplogizes for the woman he called his fiance. Anyway I will get the mirror paid for…talked to the company this morning…but I so wish I had given him some life advice, which would be, “Buddy, whatever you do, DO NOT marry that woman. Can you imagine life with that screamer? Get out now.” But I didn’t.

Why won't you open?????

I get home, trudge up the front steps, and my housekey, which is in the lockbox for the contractor to come and go, is now stuck inside. I’ve opened this box several times before with the code, but tonight…it is frozen. So I sit on the steps in the fading light, waiting for the hubby to get home and let me in, so I can cook some amazing(jk)scrambled eggs, and in the meantime…I am now scrambled eggs for the mosquitos. Sigh.

Picture me right here....

So it’s been that kind of week….but tomorrow afternoon, I will depart this vale of tears for a long weekend in Maine with my son and the lovely Jennifer. It’s gonna be delicious lobster, great wine, and sitting on the dock by day and by the fire by night. Can. Not. Wait. When I get home the bathroom should be almost finished….I’ll let you know how it comes out…fingers crossed! Oh, something good did happen this week…look who came by the WBAL newsroom! Love the Calster….


4 Responses

  1. Awww, Donna… sorry to hear you’ve been having a yukky week…. I’m glad you’re going to get a chance to have an enjoyable escape to counter all of the bad stuff. Hang in there.

  2. While you had a horrible week, you have a great weekend to look forward to. Also, having Cal in the studio had to make everything better…right there with you – Love Cal!!!!

  3. Donna, I am having a bad week myself. Just a bunch of little things that need a fix on top of my having a stomach virus. I wish I could get away!! Have a nice time, relax and enjoy!!!

  4. Donna, I’m not having great week myself. I’ve been fighting a stomach virus. Wish I could take some time off. You have a great time. Enjoy and relax, I’ll hold down the fort. PSK

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