Hurricane Irene Mop-Up….brownies and bandits!

OK, this was my favorite moment of our  hours and hours and hours of storm coverage…Rod Daniels had brought his dog to the office as he didn’t want him to be alone in the storm(so sweet)….so I crept downstairs where Bandit was tied up and brought him up to the newsroom set, where we surprised Rod with a sneak Bandit appearance. We had tons of Facebook comments, and I know everyone else enjoyed it as much as we do. But it was an interesting drive home later that night…..

Tree down...luckily I was able to drive around it...

the branch fell from this very tall Tulip Poplar....

Just came crashing down, though not on my head...

At home I did have a big branch come down in my yard…one from which a long rope swing has hung for many years… both my kids enjoyed the heck out of that swing when they were young….I remember when my daughter was only 2 or so…I was sitting on the swing and she was in my lap facing me.  As we took off on the long arc over the ground, she looked down at me and said in the sweetest tone of voice, “Mama“. Such a lovely memory, which I still have….just no swing.

I know it says white chocolate....but I changed it!

I did get some brownies made before I went in to work….there’s something about the threat of losing your power and your ability to cook that just freaks me out. I….HAD….TO …BAKE….BROWNIES.  Used a mix from Fat Witch in NYC. Their brownies are legendary….if you ever get to  Chelsea, go to the Chelsea market in the old Nabisco factory bolg…the Food Channel is also located there. Grab a box of Fat Witch babies before you leave….just amazing…my favorite is the Caramel Witch with a layer of caramel in the middle..yum. I know the box says white chocolate…which it was….so I added some cocoa powder to the mix, and lots of chunks of dark chocolate…to white chocolate just …..isn’t chocolate!

Last night, my daughter came over for dinner…we made fish tacos…from a recipe I found on Gwyneth Paltrows GOOP website….the sauce is  a bunch of cilantro, onion, garlic, olive oil, cumin and paprika, all pureed together. It’s a wonderful recipe.

And I went to bed early….tired from a very busy week….and happy that I still had power(unlike many of you) and that my basement was dry. And that Irene has come and gone….good riddance. And that the sun is out today!! Still have a lot of raking to do….but that’s ok. Hope all of you fared as well…..


4 Responses

  1. the best part of the news cast was seeing Rod Daniels Doggie. he is so cute. I am glad that you let him into the news room. We have 3 Newfoundlands and our one boy who is 140 lbs is very afraid of storms and we keep him very close to us when there is a storm. He is a lap dog when there is a storm. Can you order the Brownie mix on line? It looks very good.

  2. hahahahaahah! MUST be a doodle thing! They have such wonderful posture and our pup gives kisses with the paws on shoulders too. He also cries/whines if my husband is in the basement and I am on the third floor. He stays on the main floor pacing and crying. They just love being around people.

  3. You can order the brownie mix online, and it is the bomb….but next time I’m getting the dark chocolate one…and still add some chunks!

  4. donna. i was on the floor laughing so hard when you brought bandit in and saw that big smile on your face. and how about rod himself not skipping a beat. how classic that was. jim rader.

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