Just waitin’ on Irene…and other random hurricane related thoughts….

It's a big one....really, really big...

Well, here we go everyone…here…we…goooooooooooo. As Hurricane Irene approaches this weekend, I’ve done all I can to get ready for this thing, and the extremely possible power outages headed our way.

Prozac refill for Baby Girl, check….I mean, you can see how stressed she is.

Oh B to the G......be a good girl...

Grocery shopping, check. Cans of soup(which I normally never buy), some tuna, cat food(see above), diet tonic water(yes to me the diet tastes as good as regular) for a Hendricks gin and tonic(which will be much deserved, I have a feeling)….

Oh, and batteries for the flashlight...

Bananas and almond butter, check. I also found some almond butter that is crunchy!! How huge is that? And one of my new favorite go-to-can’t-leave-my-desk lunches, is a banana slathered with some almond butter, sprinkled with sea salt. It is seriously delicious, and you feel like you’re eating something naughty, but you’re not. Love it.

let's call it lunch...

Earthquake, check.  Really? You can see in the picture below how fast the newsroom emptied out. I just started putting on makeup, because I knew the building wasn’t gonna fall down(having experienced a worse quake in L.A.), and also knew we would have to be on the air, pronto, which we were. Long afternoon…but satisfying.

Yes, that's a banana on my desk....

I hope all of you stay safe and dry this weekend, and none of you lose power…I know that won’t be the case, of course…but I wish it were. Play nice with the people you’re cooped up with(you know what I mean), don’t throw rocks, go get some ice and batteries….and come home safe…’cause we miss you.


5 Responses

  1. Be Safe Donna, Thanks for all your updates through out the week. I’m still hopeful that Irene will lose strength, but I know it’s a long shot.

  2. Start singing that old song Good Night Irene, Good Night . Carolyn, August 26

  3. LOVE IT!

  4. Hey Donna,
    Where did you find the crunchy almond butter?

  5. Whole Foods in Mt. Washington….

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