Salty Caramel Ice Cream, Stone paths, and Cuban Black Beans…did I miss anything?

Two best ice creams in the world??? I vote yes...

Some odds and ends today…and we’ll start with my favorite ice cream. Keep in mind, ice cream isn’t something I would normally seek out…it’s just not my go-to sweet. Except for these two. Salty Caramel. Key Lime Pie.

Which is it? Taharka or Uncle Wiggly's?

And I was a little worried, when not too long ago I saw the sign for the Taharka Brothers ice  cream shop in Mt. Washington(by Whole Foods), now had a big sign reading Uncle Wiggly’s Ice Cream. Would my fave flavs disappear??

Scooping out a couple of quarts....hard work...

I paid them a visit, and asked what the scoop was. OK, I didn’t really say that….but I wish I had. The guy behind the counter said that Uncle Wiggly’s is now running the “business side” of the enterprise, but the Taharka Brothers are still making their much beloved ice cream.  And while the Berger’s Cookie Milkshake on the menu does seem like it would be killer…the Key Lime Pie with chunks of graham cracker crust and that tart lime flavor, and the sweet/salty business of the Salty Caramelto die for.

Now that I look closer, they don't look like black beans, do they?

Made some what I thought were going to be Cuban Black Beans this past weekend…only while the beans looked black(from Farmer’s market)…once they started cooking…they turned into some kind of pedestrian brown pea.They  were still good….with red and yellow peppers, onions, garlic, smoke paprika and cumin…but they didn’t have that distinctive black bean flavor. A minor disappointment, not NEARLY as good as the fabulous black beans at Havana Road restaurant in Towson.

Water the grass and it will come...

All the rain has been great for grass seed around a new stone path at my house….it used to be a pebble path that was pretty cute but 1. hard to walk on with bare feet, and 2. grass ran riot…got kinda messy looking. My hubby got sick of looking at it, dug up all the pebbles, and replaced them with random sized slabs of stone. It was, to put it mildly, a labor intensive effort….but I love the way it turned out. This morning the grass was even greener(and not on the other side of the fence) than this picture shows( will add another one later).


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