I’ll take that, thanks….a rude horse goes to finishing school….

Give me that bran muffin. I said GIVE IT TO ME!!!!

Some of you probably know about the wild horses on Assateague Island here in Maryland…they’re quite a tourist attraction, and have been ever since the ever popular  children’s book, Misty of Chincoteague” was published in 1947…..but Fabio(the handsome fellow in the pic above) is no namby-pamby Misty. In fact, Fabio had to be removed from Assateague Island for “food aggression“(I think I’ve seen Fabio at a few buffets, come to think of it). Yeah, if you weren’t prepared to give up that cookie…he’d almost mug you for it. Most wild horses you can shoo away…not so Fabio…a stallion’s stallion. Since Fabio weighs hundreds and hundreds of pounds, that could turn from being an awkward social situation to a dangerous one. So……

The Humane Society of the United States( which also helps Assateague with a birth control program for the wild horses) comes to the rescue. Off Fabio goes to reform school? Finishing School? Re-training like Mao used to hand out? Keep in mind this is NOT Fabio’s fault…but the product of well-meaning, clueless tourists feeding the cute little horsies…..(which is by the way, against the rules). So Fabio was taken to the Humane Society’s  Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, where he was gelded(all the better to behave) and is being gently taught ummm, better people skills. Director of the center Anne  Rathbun-Favre says,  “He’s highly food-motivated, so cookies are used to socialize him initially, as was scratching.”  Sounds like a lot of people I know.

Got a cookie? Fabio gets to know his trainer....

So Fabio may be adopted one day, and one of his first tests is to be put in with the rest of the herd…and see if he can act like a good boy, and not too “stallion like“.

I know I'm beautiful...don't hate me for it....

I hope he can find a new home…and if that doesn’t work out, he will stay at the ranch, and be the star he was born to be. Good luck Fabio!  Read more of Fabio’s story here….


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  2. Donna , there are 2 herds of wild horses on Assateague Island – the herd on the Maryland side and a separate herd on the Virginia side (which are the ones that swim over to Chincoteague Virginia for the annual pony penning and auction). They are kept separated by a fence, although occasionally one gets over it and joins the other herd.

  3. Thanks Bonnie…the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

  4. I would love to have this pony when he is ready. he would be a great pony to teach kids on when he is ready. I have 2 thorobreds. I mostly ride dressage. I lost my big App this winter. he was 22 and a great horse.

  5. Carol, get in touch with the ranch…sounds like it will be a while before he is adoptable, but fingers crossed!

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