Tip your hat to the Tiffin Box…..

Lots of us take our lunch to work every day…it saves money, definitely saves on calories(home cooking is almost always lower cal than restaurant food), and the recession-wise work through lunch…if you know what I mean. Enter the Indian Tiffin box.

Three layer stainless steel tiffin box.....

Tiffin is lunch. The word originated in British occupied India ….and in India still… the Tiffin box is a common sight..as you can see. …I’ve read about the Tiffin box is several books that are set in India recently…The Hundred Foot Journey describes the ingenious system: “These tiffin boxes–over two million battered tin cans with a lid…smelling of daal and gingery cabbage and black pepper rice and sent on by loyal wives…are sorted, stacked into trundle carts, and delivered with utmost precision to each insurance clerk and bank teller throughout Bombay.” And they are delivered by thousands of tiffin-wallahs….who almost never lose or misdeliver one. (Maybe the airlines could learn a thing or two from the tiffin-wallahs.)

Hard at work....the tiffin-wallahs...

But the tiffin box is making a modern resurgence here in the U.S. as most of us don’t go out for two-hour restaurant lunches anymore(did I ever??)…and while I often head to the salad bar, I’m at the mercy of the person who puts it together that day. No chick peas? No edamame? No spinach leaves…only romaine? Now, I can get all my fave ingredients and put it all together in the tiffin, with my favorite oil and vinegar dressing in the dear little tiny container.

I may get the two layer one.....found it on Amazon...

You can find all sorts and variations of the  tiffin online…one of the best deals was the one above, with only two layers at Amazon-here…$25…free shipping. Not bad for something that will last forever. And while an efficient tiffin-wallah(or dabba-wallah as they’re also known) won’t deliver it to me, and nor will it smell spicy…. I’ll have exactly what I want for lunch. No waste, no trash, reuseable. Love it.


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  1. I had one once in a Scooby-doo motif and another that was spider man but what I really wanted was the KISS one.

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