It’s Smokin’ !! The low down on smoking the salmon….

Baby Girl is quite enthused about this project....maybe too much?

I love, love, love smoked salmon….would eat it every day if I could…but that stuff is expensive! So….ever think of smoking your own? That’s what we did this weekend… and it turned out better than I dreamed.

you can ditch the greenery if you like.... ...

But the results were delicious….You start with a brine….which means simply a salt/sugar based liquid in which the fish will cure for anywhere from a few to quite a few hours…in ours we just used a quarter cup salt(make sure it has no anti-caking chemicals-many salts do) and a quarter cup brown sugar. And the fish brined for a few hours in the fridge. Then you air dry the fish(this was when Baby got into the whole process), until it gets a weird film on it. The pellicle is supposed to be white,  but ours never was. However, it was sticky to the touch  as it’s supposed to be, before it goes into the smoker for a few hours. The result was really moist, very smokey…and fabulous

Goya cracker, salmon cream cheese, and smoked salmon...

And I found a wonderful new bakery this weekend(new to me anyway)…my neighbor had given us some cupcakes a few weeks ago, as a thank you for helping do a little makeover on their garden.

Their "Harvest' cookie..oatmeal, fruit, nuts...totallty delish...

I had to know where they came from…and the answer was Touche Touchet, in Howard County…Columbia.  I found my way there Saturday…and bought some sweet treats…including some harvest cookies, and their amazing cupcakes.

Key Lime Pucker...with a tart lime curd filling...

The Key Lime Pucker is maybe my fave…

Classic combo...chocolate and peanut butter....

…or the Chocolate Peanut Butter? They were a lovely end to the weekend, when you just need a little treat, you know?


2 Responses

  1. Let’s Dish in Timonium has a similar Harvest cookie in it’s frozen ready to go case. They can be baked when you want and they are really large and yummy.

  2. NICE!

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