What do you DO all morning??

Someone asked me this week…knowing that I’m filling in on the 11 pm newscast this week…”What do you DO all day until you go to work?“….the intimation being I’m eating bon-bons with my hair in rollers, until I have to be at work at 3 or so. Not true.…here’s what I do with all those extra daytime hours, that I normally do not have….

A long overdue trip to Goodwill....bye- bye stuff I don't use...

Yep, I was inspired by a website that I am going to write about next week…to do some cleaning out. So I finished the project that I had started months ago(the shame of it)…cleaning out my closet, and I threw in a printer that didn’t work one day past its one year warranty, an old dog bowl(shades of pets past) and a salad bowl that we never use. Oh, and an Easter basket(shades of children no longer children)….

To be fair, this one just fell off the bush, so I thought , why waste it?

Did some flower arranging(oooh, how genteel…though I’m not sure you can call these “arranging”)…as it is just plopping a flower in a bowl or a vase….

Stick flower in old water bottle....let's call it an arrangement, shall we?

Rescued a perfectly good grapefruit from the compost pail, that someone had thrown in there….sure it was a little shrively on the outside, but inside…

See? Lovely, all sectioned off....now it will be consumed...

Did a little baking if you can call it that….rescued some stale French bread and brushed with olive oil, and crisped for croutons, or to put cheese on…

They are actually delish...had one at lunch with my salad....

Had lunch and caught up on the NY Times…

Yummy...and enlightening....the perfect lunch...

Did some laundry…

Love white sheets....especially clean...

Caught up on Inspector Morse….love the show about the brilliant detective who loves the bottle just a bit too much….

Inspector Morse...love him! SO brilliantly flawed...

And then….I try to take a little nap, because if truth be told, being alert and on my game at 11 pm, is ummmmmm, a little late for me..so the nap helps. And then it’s on to work. But honey, it is Friday….have a great weekend all of you…don’t throw away perfectly good food like someone in my fam…cook something nice, go for a long walk, and come home safe….’cause we miss you!


2 Responses

  1. I laughed out loud at the Easter Basket…I’d say in a few years, you’ll wish you still had that around for the first grandchild! You’ll find the quality of those things deteriorate every year, so the basket you gave away won’t come close to the one you’ll buy to replace it. Been there, done that!

  2. you may be right…..I thought about that as I looked at the photo…but, too late!

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