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  1. Go for it!! Machu Picchu is an amazing place!! One can look at pictures, but seeing it in person is breathtaking. Our tour was combined with one to the Galapagos. Our guides provided wonderful insights, information and history about each place.

  2. You MUST go. It is awesome. Photos do not give it justice.Mystical. Stay in the Lodge at the park and you will be able to go after the “tourists” have left.
    Try and climb Huayana Picchu, the moutain behind it. The view from the top, overlooking the site is breathtaking (so is the climb). Peru is a wonderful place, Also,try to visit Lake Titicaca, if you can.

  3. We just got back from Machu Picchu. It was A-MAZ-ING!!! We hiked the Incan Trail (4 days/3 nights) to get there. That is very adventurous and you get to see so much along the way. You wouldn’t believe the great food we had on the trail prepared by our Andean chefs. Wonderful trip! You should do it!

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