Maine-line living….Donna’s back from the pine tree state…

Took this looking up from my Adirondack chair......

Not for nothing do they call Maine the pine tree state….it’s green, blue skis, cool breezes(for the most part)….and if you’re on a mini-vaca….totally relaxing.

Valley of ferns....took this pic on a walk one day...

And right down the road from where we were, a guy had some truly free range chickens(video here)….proving there can be a thing as too much freedom…a fox had three of them a couple of nights before. Ouch.

The view from shore...the house is just steps away from the water....

$5 farmer's market bouquet...I added the ribbon...

Yep, we were pretty rural....also seen on a walk...


And these(also just down the road a ways)...became the picture below....

Who doesn't love deviled eggs with a little sea salt...Maldon of course.

We did some serious lobster eating…and some serious cooking…with a couple of recipes you must try…more on that Friday!!!! (By the way, I just discovered this is my 775th post!! Who knew I’d keep blogging for that long?)


3 Responses

  1. I love Miane. We camped near Acadia Mountain. We visited several; Harbors and one was a working harbor bringing in lobsters. We also had a few lobsters while there. Why go to Maine if you aren’t going to eat some. Sounds like you had a good time. Have you ever had a stuffed lobster? Their stuffing is made with ritz crackers. It ws good but I like the plain lobster. Thank you for your blogs. They are so interesting and informative. Love them. Have a great day. Looking forward to Friday to hear more about your trip. Lori

  2. Donna I forgot to ask you what area in Maine you stayed in. It appears to be quaint and lovely. It is a beautiful state.Thank you Lori

  3. A little town called Harrison, on Long Lake…about an hour from Portland. Very Cute…

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