Cheese, creamed, salmoned, and pimentoed(is that a word?)

Start with cream cheese, smoked salmon trimmings, and some chives...

You may have seen(and bought) the cute little expensive balls of salmon cream cheese…so pretty, and quite delicious, but around $10 for small ball…yikes. So I’ve learned to make my own…you can too.

Put the trimmings into a food processor, or chop them very fine by hand....

I use the smoke salmon trimmings you can find at Whole Foods….it’s the leftover bits but since you’re gonna grind it up anywhere, who cares? Process until it is in small bits….no one likes a huge stringy chunk of smoked salmon hanging from their teeth, unless you’re Sean Connery. (Seriously, on a film junket one time, I was standing by him at the snack table, and it happened, but he didn’t give a rip. And why should he? He’s Sean freakin’ Connery.)

Keep mixing, it's not there yet....

Mix it all up by hand with some Tabasco to get it a little kick, and you’re all set. Everyone will think you’re a genius.

And I made super eggplant dip, inspired by one I had over fourth of July….mine was a little different, but still really good….take a look at the video. I love it.

Pimento easy a monkey can do it!

And I also made  huge batch of pimento cheese….I’ve always loved it as you know, but it has become quite trendy…as you can see from articles like this one in the Wall Street Journal…although the writer says  Moms of yesteryear made pimento cheese from processed cheese….excuse me, my Mom never did that…it was always real cheddar. And they talk about chefs roasting their own red peppers…and I’ve tried that, but honestly, I missed the taste of the pimentos…which is different. Whatever. This recipe also adds sugar, which I don’t care for…and cream cheese…a little unnecessary, but not too terrible. Other than that, go for it…it’s great on crackers, sandwiches, burgers, in pasta…and just a spoonful out of the frig.

2 Responses

  1. growing up, we always ate the pimento-cheese on bread for sandwiches. the recipe I received from my husband’s grandma uses real cheddar, too! makes me want some right now!

  2. Grew up in central PA eating homemade pimento cheese…I would watch my Mom attached her meat/cheese grinder to the table and shove the REAL cheddar cheese and pimentos through…we five kids thought it was such a treat and ate is on Ritz crackers!

    Enjoy your blog!

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