Crap-tacular….and how’s your day going?

See the jagged edge? more on that later....

It was one of those mornings, you know? Where for a little while, you feel like you’re on top of everything, and then…bam. In the morning I like to do some yoga, water the garden if it needs it(and right now, wow does it need it)…have some breakfast….the usual. But today is recycling day, and we had a BUNCH of boxes that needed to go out. And while the hubby had taken out the vast majority of it, I remembered that there were two boxes still in the basement that were still there. So I rush downstairs, and spy the boxes, perched on top of another box of something(who knows what’s inside)….I get one firmly in hand, and stretch up, up, for the other…get it, and then….lose my balance. I step back trying to right my self, right into one of the litter boxes, almost overturning the thing, and all the boxes come crashing down. Even had your foot covered with cat litter? Not. Pretty.  Crap-tacular.

Were the two boxes worth it? NO....

Run the two boxes out to the curb(might as make the mess worth it)…and of course, recycling has come and gone. Damn.

Help me gps!!

So I head off for work(after showering and getting ready-not right after the litter box)…now running a few minutes late…after cleaning up said litter. My usual route downtown is blocked…arghh…I’ve been Artscaped(it’s this coming weekend)! Now I’m kinda wandering through the side streets of Bolton Hill(wow,they have a lot of one way and blocked off streets), trying to find my way to Mercy Medical Center for a shoot.

Nothing here....keep looking...slowly...

Pull into the parking garage…where a woman, a very nice lady I’m sure…has pulled up in front of the ticket dispenser at the parking garage, and seems to have never seen one  before. Because we…just…sit…there…..finally she gets the idea, and we’re off! Kind of. We sloooooowly work our way up until we fiiiiiiiinnnaaalllllly find parking places. Getting out of the car, I discover this cut oooooozing blood on the back of my leg…so pretty. I realize this is from the cat litter incident earlier in the day. Like I said, craptacular. And how’s you day going?


5 Responses

  1. If it makes you feel any better, this made me laugh out loud at work 🙂

    Love you!

  2. Actually, it does make me feel better….you know my mania for recycling…TODAY! Lordie….

  3. Donna, yeah, your morning was one for the books but I have one to make you feel better about yours. I had 2 small children, was getting everyone ready but forgot something in the basement. Split foyer, so down the u-shaped stairway I go only to have my feet yanked out from under me by some unseen something as I get to the landing in the living room & start down the next set of stairs. I physically land in the middle of this stairway only to realize I’ve fallen so hard I’ve killed several steps on this stairway. The kids come running. I thought for sure I was injured beyond the ability to get up but I have to remain calm for my children. I assure them (and myself) that I’m fine and I pull myself together and continue to get ready for work. I escaped with only a bruise on my back (thank you Lord!) and then husband had some stairs to fix when he got home else getting in and out of the house would be very tricky. I hope you had a good rest of the day!

  4. Hang in there, Donna… day can only go uphill. And you know what they say… crap happens. 😉

  5. OUch….have also done the step thing, at my father-in-law’s house. It happened so darn fast….lucky I didn’t break anything either!

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