Brunch it up for a crowd….and other crazy things to do on your weekend

July...almost half over????

Seriously, I can’t believe that July fourth is in the rear view mirror..this summer is moving waaaaaay too fast…… I told you I had a brunch to which the whole neighborhood was invited, part of our Fourth of July celebration….and even though I worried about it a bit(ok, maybe more than that), it turned out fine…just fine. Made me think that I could do something like that again. Maybe.

Creamy, cheesey, sausage, eggs, bread...what's not to like?

I made three, double recipes(remember I had a crowd) of Chorizo and Egg Strata, that got lots of recipe requests, so here it is!  And the best part, is that like any strata, you put it together the night before, and pop them in the oven the next morning. Super easy…(f you have pounds of cheese and six dozen eggs)….but you won’t need that many.

Almond milk, ready for the granola parfait bar....

And we also had a yogurt/granola bar…where you could concoct your own parfait…with different kinds of toppings…berries, flaxseed, brown sugar, almond or regular milk….but they needed to be labeled. Enter my creative daughter.

Walnuts in a darling silver dish...

I bought green card stock at Staples(on her advice) and she hand wrote all the labels for me…and we used simple brown twine to tie them on….or propped them up in front. Loved the look, and it didn’t cost but a few bucks. And finding a use for the little silver dishes that my later Mom-in-law Shirley collected I loved…she would adore the simple fact that I used them(and kept them), and they aren’t just sitting in the cupboard(tho they do that a lot, let’s be honest)….

Shady makes his debut...thanks Lizzie and Humane Society...

And some of you have been following the exploits of Shady the cat…the stray that turned up on the doorstep of WBAL-TV. We fed it, but it was clear that he needed a permanent home, and he had some sort of mouth issue(turned out to be an abscess). But such a sweetie…really a love who doesn’t mind being petted or held like a baby over your shoulder(not every kitty puts up with that). The Baltimore Humane Society actually came here and picked him up….he’s been there for about a week(he was on 11 News at Noon yesterday), and while he hasn’t gone on the adoption floor yet(has to finish his antibiotics), Lizzie Silber, in the picture above, thinks someone will snap Shady up fast. He’s already a staff fav, obviously… Shady is a winner….totally calm and collected in a tv studio, and look at that sweet face !!!!

Have a great weekend all…surprise your family or your friends with a strata this weekend…think about taking in a sweet animal that needs a home…relax a little, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!


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