Wrap it Up…wrapping presents when you have no supplies…

The Japanese call it furoshiki....

You know, I haven’t posted these pictures from my daughters’s birthday last month…but I wanted to share them, because I really hate spending a lot of money on wrapping paper..that is torn off and then, in the worst of circumstances…thrown away…not even recycled(tons of it each year in this country). So I have more and more tried to move toward reusable wrappings.

Big burlap bag and ribbon=gift!

But this birthday, I was simply caught short…the day arrived, and while I had the gifts, I didn’t have any wrappings for two BIG boxes that need to be wrapped(a John Robshaw quilt she wanted for her bed that I found on Ebay)…and something called the Glo-bag…”the ultimate gym locker organizer“.

Italian linen sample....

So I started rooting through my linen closets….the first thing I stumbled on …(light blub going off)…was a big burlap bag I had bought last year, as a cover for the Christmas tree stand. Never used it for that but hey….I dig burlap…and it’s big…so I slipped the box inside and tied it with orange grosgrain ribbon. ( My kids know that after they open a present from me, they have to give the ribbon back for reuse-I have a big box of little rolls of ribbon that have graced many gifts)…and real fabric ribbon lasts a long time.

See? The tape actually sticks!

One box  wrapped, but what about the other? A camel colored linen sample from my brother-in-law had been sitting in the closet….hmmmm…would it be possible to use that like a paper? The tape stuck, believe it or not, and after putting on a white satin ribon….I thought it turned out pretty nicely.

Finished result....I love it!

Gifts wrapped, no paper or ribbon bought, and I get to reuse all of it again! If you’d like a little more information on wrapping with fabric, but without tape…check out the Japanese art of furoshiki-here.  My girl loved her gifts….and she knows the score at the end of the evening…hand those ribbons over, sister.

Sad sight....

And on a side note….yes, I did get my iPhone replaced…took it to the Apple store in Columbia, they gave me a new one(may be a reconditioned one), and said no charge….this time.

6 Responses

  1. Love the burlap. Last week I bought a bracelet for a friend. I had a nice bracelet box, but no paper. The bag that the gift was put into was a beautiful flower print. I cut off the bottom and wrapped the box. It looked so good. And I didn’t spend a cent on the paper.

  2. I love hearing you talk about your kids handing over the ribbons. That is how I grew up as well – and now I have a box of ribbon to re-use too! It is the best. My mom taught me a great trick. Keep a curling iron in your ribbon box. When you need one, just slip in through the curling iron, and VOILA, you have a beautiful, wrinkle free, ribbon 🙂

  3. Hi Donna – I love quilts and was wondering if John Robson has a website or if you have any additional info??? I could not find anything on the Internet about him. Love your blog, thanks!

  4. Dana, that’s because I am an idiot…his name is John Robshaw not, robson….my bad…here is a link to his stuff, but you can also find it on ebay for less.

  5. Columbia Burlap Bag…

    […] they have to give the ribbon back for reuse-I have a big box of little rolls of […]…

  6. Beautiful and resourceful!

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