Good News and Bad News….first the bad…

yes, I know.... I should have gotten a case...

This is possibly one of the saddest sights in the world…a new iPhone 4…with a shattered screen. My daughter kept telling me…”You’d better get a case for it.”…”You don’t have a case for it yet??” And last night I paid the price…dropped it on a stone patio at just the right angle and….shattered. The phone still works…all the functions seem fine(except the audio for the video camera seems crackly to nonexistent). I will go to Apple and see what they can do for me(besides selling me a full price new phone-no thanks)…and after that, will call Mac Medics and home for a happy ending.  Someone on Facebook told me they washed their husband’s iPhone in the laundry. 😦

Not as colorful as her mate, but still beautiful

Much sadder than the iPhone screen is the loss of one of my momma cardinals this morning….I had been out watering plants, and came upon Muffy with its little body. Broke my heart…we have two pair of cardinals that seem to live around our garden….and then to see the male cardinal later, obviously looking for her…calling cheep, cheep, cheep…I wish I could tell him, that she wasn’t coming back, not this time buddy. I really hated that, but there it is…

Shady licking his chops after some food....

Now on to some better news…I need it after writing that last paragraph….Shady(that’s what we call him because he loves to sleep in the shade) is a male tabby cat that has taken up here at WBAL for the past week or so. He’s neutered, and super friendly…loves to be petted, but very skinny. We started feeding him…hey, I couldn’t let him starve…and then set about trying to find him a proper home. Lots of people like him but already have pets(including me)….so we’ve been updating everyone on Facebook about Shady’s situation(this cat needs his own Facebook page).

Elizabeth Silber, of the Baltimore Humane Society

And here’s the great thing about Facebook…my daughter posted my picture of Shady on her page, and a young woman she used to know in high school, Elizabeth Silber(her friends call her Lizzy), is now PR director at the Baltimore Humane Society(it’s a small world after all…)saw Shady and  called WBAL morning, and said they would come and get Shady, and make sure he got medical care and a home! How great is that?  In case you’re wondering, they are a no-kill shelter.

Shady enjoying the shade...

And if he is not adopted by next Thursday(which I think he will be)…Shady will be on 11 News at Noon….the star he was born to be. Here’s a video of Shady leaving the building..sorry about the audio…but…refer to paragraph 1. Get a case. And thanks Baltimore Humane Society!

6 Responses

  1. Donna,
    Sorry to read about your phone and the cardinal. I’ve got nothing to offer on the phone. : ( Re: Muffy I do have a suggestion. : ) If Muffy is going to be an indoor/outdoor cat you can at least give the birds and wildlife a heads up by having Muffy wear a collar with a bell. The noise from the bell can sometimes give birds a chance to flee. Because Muffy will be outside you will want to make sure the collar is the breakaway variety so should Muffy snag it on a fence or climbing on something the collar with snap open and not choke Muffy to death.
    Re: Shady- very cool. Hope to read a post soon about Shady’s new living situation. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. My son cracked his screen too. He was in NYC and walked into the Apple store and after waiting for quite some time they gave him a new phone, no questions asked and no money exchanged. What have you got to lose? I think they will only do this so many times… don’t make it a habit. 🙂

  3. YOU ARE SO RIGHT..I have nothing to lose…will be going tonight!

  4. great idea re bell…i’m on it!

  5. Donna did you get a new phone? My husband dropped his iPad and cracked the screen. We took it to the Apple store in Towson. They said it is not covered under warranty, but since it was only a few months old they gave him a brand new one.

  6. Same for me Kristie….same for me. Love it!

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