Paint, pork belly and elephant ears….it’s the weekend wrapup…

One of my weekend projects....painted two Adirondack chairs that REALLY needed it.

Next weekend, I have over 50 neighbors coming over to my house for brunch, and I have no idea who will show up, or if I even know them. Yeah, I know….I know. How have I been talked into such….an event? My neighborhood does Fourth of July up…in a big way, which is awesome, but it’s also a lot of work for a lot of people. And when I was asked if I would host the brunch… I. Said. Yes. So there it is.

And since there is no way I could fit that many into my house…the shindig has to be outside….and if it’s outside there is stuff that needs to be done….you know. Areas of the garden that need love, pots that need plants in them, Chairs that need painting, patches that need weeding…etc, etc. And it’s amazing what a coat of enamel white paint does to a pair of aging Adirondack chairs(don’t look at the back of them, that’s all I have to say)…and I had to find plants for two tall, glazed pots from Vietnam that I love. Nothing seemed quite right until I found these:

Love the sculptural look of the elephant ears with the contemporary lines of the pot...

These pots have been waiting for a while for plants….and filling them with dirt was…ummm…not fun, ok?

Just inside the entrance at Bistro the copper walls!

But two friends took me out for a late birthday celebration Friday night…we went someplace totally new….Bistro Blanc-here in Howard County(Glenelg). Bistro Blanc has an ambitious menu(citrus braised pork with figs, grilled brie with lavendar honey, lump crab empanadas) …they are obviously serious about their food…and it’s a wine bar as well, and sells wine retail, too. Had the braised pork belly on white beans that was divine…

Self-serve wine bar...just swipe your card! Love it...

I saw lots of people walking up to a circular wine dispenser….with what looked like a credit card in their hand, and leaving with a glass of wine. Whahh????  Found out this self-serve wine bar offers 1 or 2 oz. tastes, or a full glass….so you can taste many wines without having to order the whole enchilada. Great idea. You just swipe and it charges your card. Check it out sometime!

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