Do it outside…..dining al fresco or a yoga mat on the grass…

FYI...this was before class had begun....ok?

I just realized when I looked back over my pictures from this weekend, just how much I was outside…starting with a Saturday morning yoga class at the Inner Harbor. Even better, these classes, sponsored by Charm City Yoga...are totally free!! And doing yoga outdoors, is just, so nice. Even with the people passing by, ships horns blowing, and the occasional kid yelling….it is a peaceful place to be. Very namaste. One day I would love, love, love to attend a yoga retreat where they do yoga on the beach or on a platform overlooking a lake…or even better, overlooking a vineyard in Italy…

Like this....

Or this.....

This would also be acceptable...

Had  fabulous cheap dinner Saturday night at Tortilleria Sinaloa-here on Eastern Avenue…our bill was $22.

Tiny little place, but so good!

Their barbecoa tacos(with homemade tortillas that people were carrying out by the kilo and half kilo!)…really rocked it…

My version of heaven....

Add some guacamole for $1….and some green sauce, and fresh lime juice….and a couple of Dos Equis from a carry out across the street=BLISS.

And I also had Father’s Day brunch outside….at Marie Louise Bistro-here

Right on Charles Street....

It was our first time there…nice menu, very cute inside as well(with some smashing looking pastries in the case at the front).

Inside Marie Louise....

My only complaint was somewhat minor. If you’re gonna have seating on the street….make sure all the trash is cleaned up around you. I sat my handbag down onto some gum :(….and I had to turn my chair so that the view in the first  picture is the one I saw. Otherwise it was a parking lot(which I can deal with) complete with overflowing trash cans(which I can deal with less well). It’s not their trash, I know….but maybe screen it? Just an idea….But my smoked salmon eggs Benedict were very good.

Gussied up store bought potato salad, with smoked sea salt!

OK, last….I bought potato salad at Whole Foods that we served with grilled lamb Sunday night….I “doctored”(as my Mother would have said) it with some Dijon mustard, more potatoes that I boiled, and some boiled eggs(I know, why not just make my own, right?)….and then sprinkled the whole thing with some smoked sea salt. Turned out very nice….and my daughter did not ask, as I expected …”What’s this weird stuff on top?”

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  1. I share in your destination Yoga dreams. Funny you should mention it now. I just saw on FB that a friend of mine from high school (now an Italian teacher and yoga instructor) is offering a vacation that looks like an absolute dream. I’d love to do it!! Yoga and wine … what’s not to love ?!?!

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