It’s the weekend baby! Ballroom update, egg whites and a new dish to try..

The motto I have yet to live up to.....I'm just sayin'

This is the sign I see every day I go to the Arthur Murray Studio on York Road….Hmmm…”Dance like no one is watching“…..easier said than done I’ve found. One, because I’m not a good dancer, and two, because people ARE watching…or they will be on June 3rd. But I’m trying to put aside all that and just march forward( I mean dance forward)…if you haven’t seen the little snippets of my lesson on-line  you can watch it here.  Though I have to tell you it’s not all like that..being corrected, there is some “Very good” thrown in….really.

Herbal tea, egg white concoction, vitamins and my Jambox start the day...

Ok, this morning I shared on Facebook my breakfast for today….an egg white-blueberry concoction, vitamins and herbal tea…as one person commented, “Yech…that would make me want to go back to bed.” I get that(and for a moment I wanted to)….but for another week I’m trying the Perricone Metabolic Diet….in which you eat the concoction for breakfast and lunch, with the vitamins, and then for dinner you get salmon(6 0z) a cup of steamed brocoli and a watercress(try finding that in most supermarkets) salad with lemon juice and a little olive oil. I’ve been on it since Tuesday, and I can already tell I’ve lost some weight….but can I say I will be sooooooo glad when it’s over? I’ll tell you how it was at the end of it. Luckily grilled salmon and salad isn’t too hard to find in restaurants.

The ingredients for a very fine dinner.....

And for those of you NOT on a prescribed diet….here’s a dish I made a few weeks back that was delish. Saute some onion, garlic, fresh basil(added at the last minute) and grape tomatoes in olive oil…and toss with fresh pasta….add a little cream if you like, and be transported to heaven!! Loves it. But whatever you cook, do with love, and care, and I’m sure it will fine. Have a fab weekend, don’t throw rocks, cook with love and come home safe, ’cause we miss you!


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