Op’s last week…a blast or a bit of a letdown??

How many more surprised looks do I have??

You know I saw bit and pieces of  her last week shows Monday and Tuesday….and I …hate to say it…found them oddly disappointing. Perhaps it’s because Oprah is such an intimate experience normally….you feel as thought you are part of the studio audience….but this big behemoth sendoff in the Chicago United Center…..I’m sure it was kinda amazing if you WERE ACTUALLY THERE(ok someone who was there said the first part was not great)….but for me anyway, it just came off kinda flat.

Huger than huge!!!!!

The two Toms…Cruise and Hanks acting as mcs, yelling into the microphones…they didn’t look too at ease either…and when Katie Holmes came out standing between Queen Litifah and Halle Berry…I thought, “Girl, you are out of your league“…and guessed perhaps the ONLY reason she was there was because the first Tom said something like, “I’d really like Katie to have a part onstage too…. She loves Oprah!”….and thus Mrs. Cruise was front and center. The parts that really did work for me were the smaller taped pieces, about people whose lives have been impacted by Oprah…there are certainly lots of those people. And when the men of Morehouse College who were in school, thanks to Oprah scholarships, marched on stage…hey, that was impressive, no doubt.

Hello Mrs. Cruise....

I hope today will be back to format, and back to being LIKE OPRAH…the show we all loved(well, many of us anyway)…I will miss her at 4:00. And it is a fact that she, as so many people have already observed, changed television…in a good way. Whether or not someone in the future has the clout to do exactly what they want with their show, which is how the show came to be what it is, remains to be seen. There are often many powerful cooks stirring the tv broth, and they all think they know best(and often they do not). But Oprah was the last word on hers. An enviable position. And I wish her the best..not that she needs it. And good luck to Ellen(on our station anyway)…she has big Jimmy Choos to fill.


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