Weekend wrapup

Hey, I'm using my iPad!!

Ok, the most absorbing thing that happened this weekend(for me, not you) was the Preakness. The week before you do a live three hour broadcast, it is hard not to think about it… a lot. But better to prepare than just worry…and there’s a lot to prepare for…what you’re wearing, how it will look on camera, which hat will it be(though once I tried on the orange one from Hats to Hose…I was sold), and most importantly…what the hell you are going to say. Gerry Sandusky (God bless him)puts together a killer compendium of Preakness facts and stats. Everything you need to know and much, much more.

Gerry and me with the Clydesdales! I wasn't moving one inch closer.

And this year, instead of a thick stack of papers to go by…we had it all on our iPads. Loved, loved, loved that. But the problem was, that I couldn’t read it very well(hello presbyopia) so I wore a single contact lens in one eye, so that I could see the smaller print more easily, and I let other eye pick up distance vision. Bingo.

Some of the flowers we put it.....love the lamb's ear...

And on Sunday, one of my neighbors was coming home from the hospital with a new baby(and they have another child under two)…yowsa…will they have their hands full! So a small group of us sprinted over when her husband left to pick her up(we were sure we had a solid 2 hours), and planted flowers and weeded, and cleaned and mulched….so when she came home, their garden would be a welcoming, verdant, shady spot to enjoy with the new baby.

We potted some of these black elephant ears(not this big yet!)...but will be dramatic.

And I ran to Pier One to get some last minute fresh pillows to spruce it up…I think this is one of the best baby presents I’ve ever given. And the garden looks so lovely. I can imagine her there with the baby, the birds singing…..a nice breeze blowing. Yeah.


4 Responses

  1. Donna–a) you both looked and gave us a fabulous 3 hours on Saturday–kudos to the rest of our favorite news team as well!!
    b) what an amazing gift to your new- mom-pal! You must live in a wonderfully nurturing part of town with super folks surrounding you all—-that is a true treasure!

  2. You could just wear glasses, right??

  3. Almost makes me want to be “with child!”

    That is an awesome gift you all gave her. Thoughtfulness never goes out of style.

  4. What awesome neighbors you all are !!! Bet that little bundle is a sweetie!

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