Hats, hats everywhere….but where’s mine?

Phyllis Eley of Hats to Hose...love the name!

OK, it is the Thursday before Preakness, and I have only a faint idea of what(on earth) I’m gonna wear. Seriously, I have to get…it.. together. Made a quick trip out to Hat to Hose on Reisterstown Road this week, to see what they have that to go with navy. Phyllis Eley is super at helping you find one…or last year she took a hat I already had, and redid it with flowers for a whole different look!

I kinda dig this bright orange hat....

I do like the orange hat in the picture….but I’m also fascinated by fascinators this year….so I took one of those along with me as well. And I may wear a the fascinator first, then switch at some point to the fascinator. I don’t know…we’ll see what happens.

Box 'o hats....

And all those hats that you see Lisa Robinson modeling, and viewers voting on? Who delivered them to the station for her?? That’s right. And there are loads of hats I like but can’t necessarily wear very well…

Cute, but....

Pure 1960s, wouldn’t you say? Or..

Cute little cloche...

This is super cute…but…

Different, yes?

 Wow….not me, but wow…we’ll see how it all comes together Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm. Hope you’ll join us for the Preakess pre-show….Gerry Sandusky and I will join  Lisa(wearing the hat you’ve chosen) and Rob Roblin, and Tom Tasselmayer…and we promise plenty of fun, fashion, and of course…cute horsies. See you then?


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