Weekend ramblings….drinks, Waters, gardens and trucks!

Elderflower Sidecar...looks yummy...Ok, it’s Friday ya’ll….and you know how I feel about the weekend….so in that spirit, I offer a few modest suggestions for yours….ready? Soon it will be 5:00(newscast for me), and the old line…”it’s 5 o’clock somewhere“…The Elderflower Sidecar….here’s the recipe. And yes, I will have to go purchase some St. Germain Liquer if I want to make it…I’ve heard it is delicious, made(obvie) from elderflowers.


Home and Garden tour!!

And in the springtime, who doesn’t love a Home and Garden tour? This one  is on Susan Reimer’s blog Garden Variety-here, on the Baltimore Sun’s website. Browsing through people’s gardens on which they have worked very hard( how much pressure is that, to know people are gonna come look at your garden…Judging, judging, always judging). So they must be confident there’s is pretty fine….no leaves out of place.


Sneezy, HappySleepy and Co.

And if you have small children( their presence is probably not required at a house and garden tour…can you just imagine…”Jimmy, get out of that bed of pansies, before I whip your butt!…I mean it Jimmy, now!” 

So for you I offer a live performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…playing at the Glen Echo Park, put on by the Puppet Company Playhouse-ticket infor here. The production has been nominated for some awards….and at 40 minutes long, perfect for kids!! (And will keep them out of those flowerbeds)

Love, love love John Waters

Next up, how about a night with the King of Trash? You know…John Waters! The great director of classics such as Polyester and Hairspray, will be signing copies of his book,
 Role Models at Atomic Books on Fall Road-info here Saturday night at 7 pm. Funny story…my daughter had to deliver something to Mr. Waters recently for her job. There was no number outside so she wasn’t sure she was at the right address, and was kind of looking around….Waters
comes the door and and peers at her thru a little window..finally answers the door and says, “I thought maybe you were a stalker…”classic.
And here’s a freebie….hey,  never say I didn’t GIVE you something….great again for kids, especially for kids who love big trucks(I remember fondly Richard Scarry’s kids book about big machines).

Hey Dad, look...a BIG truck!!

 Some of the largest behemoths(is that redundant?) from the Baltimore City fleet will be parked on the lot of the Baltimore Museum of Industry on Key Highway(interesting in its own right), all day Saturday….and all of you who pay city property taxes, like me, I say again….this is free. So let your kiddoes explore the mchines.

Enjoy the weekend, Don’t throw rocks, see something different and interesting this weekend…setp out of the rut for once….and come home safe….’cause we miss you!


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