Lady in Waiting?….Pippa serving Kate could be great or a royal sister catfight…

Pippa almost stole the show on wedding day...

Ok, now that Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, now Duchess of Cambridge, one day much more…has made such a huge splash around the world….and become a celebrity in her own right(the Facebook page Pippa Middleton Arse Appreciation Society  pops to mind)….comes (unofficial)word that big sister has asked little sister to be her Lady in Waiting. Yes, that’s a real job.

some say Wills married the wrong sister...I disagree..

And while it’s nice for Kate to ask her sister to take the position, I can imagine some issues…after all, they ARE sisters. Know everything about the other, weaknesses, frailties, soft spots….and some sisters don’t hesitate to use those knives, if provoked. Keep in mind, being a lady-in-waiting today, isn’t like the old days, when they helped the royal get dressed, put out their clothes, etc., …today it is really more of a confidant that one trusts absolutely not to blab, and maybe help with a little correspondence or travel with her or  entertaining. Not a bad gig.

Pippa, striding toward a new job??

Can you imagine if it was otherwise? “Pippa, I simply must have some undies washed by hand tonight…you know how delicate they are, and I cannot trust anyone else not to put them on Ebay!” 

But Kate, It’s one am and I just got in from a party…”

Pippa, YOU are my lady-in-waiting. Wash the damn knickers!”

You see what I mean. And there is no blood badder than bad sister blood. It can get nasty. Which is difficult for me to understand, because my two sisters and I have always(for the most part) gotten along so well. So if Kate(the now royal one) and Pippa( the fun sister, rumor has it), really are good friends and get on together, it could be a dream Lady in Waiting-ship. I can only imagine some of the perks(clothes, invitations, etc,) could be killer. “What kind of detergent did you want on those knickers?”


2 Responses

  1. LOL.. if my sister demanded I wash her knickers… my reaction would probably involve me putting a shoe where shoes aren’t normally supposed to go. Royalty or not, I would have my limits. 😉

  2. All things aside; if you can’t trust your sister – you really can’t trust anyone! I think Pippa would be a good choice.

    P.S. I think we all have had ups and downs with sisters, but in my case we always seem to work through it – and that is what family is all about!

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