The Power of Secondhand….never underestimate it….

This old kitchen table I got from a second hand shop....

You know today’s world is so easy come, easy go…throw it away, get another… that is not how I roll. I love second hand things, like the old kitchen table(above) that  I found at a consignment shop on Roland Ave. for $40(I cut the legs off to make it a coffee table for the family room) ..whether it was hand-me-downs for my kids when they were growing up(thanks older cousins)….or furniture that someone else no longer needed.

I love the finish....didn't change it a bit...

Some keepers I found on the street on bulk trash day(treasure day I call it). Like this little table that a neighbor didn’t want anymore….

I painted this street table a dark grey....

It was in pretty good shape structurally, I just painted it a dark grey…and it is quite serviceable. And let’s face it, re-use is the ultimate in recycling…it’s another thing that won’t end up in the trash dump.

Former strawberry carrier, now magazine holder...

This old strawberry carrier my husband brought home years ago…with pints of strawberries inside. I loved the way it was constructed and looked, and it fits three stacks of magazines exactly. The rocks I got from a beach on Vancouver Island(I think)….but the idea of using them that way I stole from a Pottery Barn catalogue. (I PB).

I just keep recovering them...

I have a pair of wing chairs that are very old…not like antique old…just old. But every time I think about getting rid of them, I find another fabric I like(the latest reincarnation is an Italian black and white linen, which my brother in law got for me for a steal), and change their look….like Madonna does hers!

My bro-in-law made this plant stand...

When that same bro-in-law was into woodworking( a long time ago), he made some plant stands and we each got one for Christmas. I just keep repainting it….right now it is dark grey(shocker).

Old, old, old paper mache vase...

 And sometime you can find odd, old things that just add a little something to a room for not much money…the Chinese paper mache(it weighs nothing) vase I found at Great Stuff by Paul in Frederick. They have all kinds of odd things from other countries…I think it was around $25…not much for a great touch of character!


2 Responses

  1. my favorite thing you found on “teasure day” was the iron gate–and it didnt even make the cut for the blog!! ive always been envious of that gate!!! send it south if youre done with it!!!!! just a joke– love you sis!!

  2. From one scavenger to another….I found the white gates on the street…the iron one I bought at C-Mart! xoxo

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